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Body screwiness for fun and profit

I think I might have accidentally taken an extra beta blocker today.  I don't think it will do anything bad (I think) but I'm feeling awfully sleepy.  I might have only taken one pill, and it could just be that's it hot or I'm hormonal or something, but I honestly can't remember. This summer has been weird.  I seem to be vascillating between being fuzzy brain or being wide-awake at 2:00 in the morning and wanting to jog.  (I mean, when have I EVER wanted to jog?!)  I'm not gonna lie, this thyroid crap is kind of fucked up, but it makes for some interesting conversations.

Hey wg! How you doing?

Hi! It's so nice to see you!  Oh, you know, maybe overdosing a little, I'm not sure.  But I feel OK!  How are you?

Oh my god, did you accidentally take an extra pill?  I've totally done that!

I know!  And then you get all panicky because you don't know what it's gonna do!

And THEN you have to pop an extra anxiety pill!

And worry about THAT!

Ha ha ha! Snort! Ha ha! Woooh!

I bet nurses hate us.

On the nature of nets

Alright, so something big has happened... has been happening, really, over the last few months, and I haven't been able to talk about it before now.  If I was a more attentive blogger (and perhaps a more successful one) I would start this off by first sharing an anecdote of childhood, its emotional impact on my perspective, and relating that to our present circumstances. Build the drama, so to speak, show the emotional importance. And all of that would be true... but I'm not going to do that, or at least not in the typical order.

My husband, Keen Dad, quit his job!  He's starting his own business.

I feel a profound relief and a lot of pride.  He's been unhappy for a long time.  He totally deserves to do his own thing. 

As for childhood anecdotes, yes, I didn't grow up with a whole lot of money; much less than I have now.  But I didn't grow up completely destitute either.  The funny thing about growing up on a tight budget is that it makes you work really hard.  You can also grow up either anxious or fearless about money.  I think most people would expect me to be a mess.  I don't work so we don't have a second income.  (Actually, I work A LOT, but I don't seem to get paid for any of it.  What?)  But I have utmost confidence in Keen's ability; he knows his industry, he loves his clients, and he works his ass off.  I know he's going to be successful. 

I also have this strange confidence that I can go get a job if I need to. Or even if I just want to.  It might not be in the same industry or at the same level that I used to have but I don't care.  I think it's another side effect of working hard... there can be a lot of satisfaction in it.  And once you get in the habit, sometimes it's hard to stop.