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Swimwear Must Die 2012

It's time for swimsuits!  2012 Edition!  Woot!  It's just too much work (i.e. I'm lazy) to link all the previous years' swimsuit editions so if you want to see more, just click under Fashion Rules According to Me in the Categories section.  Because I am a fricking expert!

"I've got this magic feather and if I flap real hard I can fly!"

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami

"I'm feminine all the way down to my ruffly cootchie-coo."  Warning: may droop when wet. (heh heh heh)

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami

"When I'm biking at night I don't even NEED reflectors!"

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami

What you always knew went on behind the runway. Now smile for the camera!

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami

What's black and white and red all over? This guy's face after his suit dissolves and floats away. (Come on, tell me you didn't think of that immediately?)

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami

And under the garden is a swimsuit. Please take your antihistamines before wearing.


And for the finale... I stumbled across this hilarious page of hand bikinis like the one below.  Check them out and give the guy's page a round of applause.  Ha ha. Shit, I'm funny.

"Hey, pull my finger!"

2012 swimsuit adriennebailon-miami



So do you think we'll see any of these at the summer olympics? They look perfect for swimming!


Don't mean to be off topic, but the third woman down is emaciated! And the next two are on their way to emaciation. What is with the fashion industry? This emaciation-as-sexy trend is just madness!

Jay Noel

What the hell...the hand one terrible. Yet people are actually buying them. Probably super expensive. The manufacturers are probably taking people's money hand over fist.

the weirdgirl

Jeanne - LOL! They're super streamlined!!

Scott - I know, it's so unflattering. I worry about teen girls seeing that.

Jay Noel - Ha ha! We should have a caption contest for that one. Those suits also take the term "grab ass" to a new level.


Jazz hands!


nice boobs and pussy whats ur number

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