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Do they have Rosetta Stone for that?

This is what conversations have been like in my house recently.

Chance: "Hey MOM!"  Super loud, in my ear.

Me: "Ow. Stop yelling! What?"

Chance: "Mutter mutter mumble mutter."

Me: "What??"

Or the other version...

Chance: "Moooooooom!  Whine whine whine whimper whine."

I swear to God I cannot understand a thing he's saying lately.  It's indecipherable because of the muttering or whining. Sometimes I catch the odd phrase of, "Pokemon! Ninjago! Star Wars!" but that's pretty much it.  God forbid he gets bit by a snake or other emergency because I imagine the conversation would go something like this...

Chance: "Mooooom!!! Whine WHINE WHINE!!"

Me: "What?! What is it?"

Chance: "Mutter mumble MUTTER mutter! Whine."

Me: "What?"

Chance: "MOM! Mutter! Whimper! Mutter!"

Me: "Can you say that in a regular voice so I can understand you?"

Chance: "WHINE!"

Me: "Did something happen?"

Chance: "Mumblewhine!"

Me: "Did Timmie fall down a well?"

Chance: "WAIL!"

Me: "How many words?  How many syllables?"


Me: "Um... How about a popsicle?"

Chance: big shaky breath, "Whimper OK."

Me: "Here you go.  Wait, is that a bite mark?"

And I just know the emergency room would give me grief about that.

Why talking it out can be better than blogging it out

This is probably not going to be a popular post. I always seem to be moving a little counter to popular opinion's clockwise.  I know that a lot of blogging proponents hold up things like getting your voice heard and supportive communities as big pluses for being online.  I've been a blogging a long time now and I remember there were big pushes for a while for everyone to be really open and post very personal, difficult things. And the people who did that were often praised for being brave and "opening the conversation" and all sorts of stuff.  I'm not saying those are bad things but the flip side is that some of those bloggers were ostracized by loved ones for airing private grievances, or they got a lot of negative attention online.  And frankly there were some bloggers who just dragged for drama in everything they wrote, from inflammatory posts to picking fights via twitter, and that shit gets kind of OLD. 

I've never really been one of these kind of bloggers. There are a lot of things I keep private because they're not my stories to tell. I will talk about my own shit but not about other peoples'.  If my shit impinges on other peoples' privacy I'm also not going to talk about it, unless I know they're OK with sharing it.  I'm open about SPD and special needs because I feel strongly that there needs to be more awareness about it and I'm happy to share my experiences for other people.

But there's another reason I find myself not blogging about some of the difficult things in my life... and it's because I've already talked through them. Last week some very close friends of ours lost their grandson to an accident. It was tragic and heart wrenching and really made that gut terror emerge that parents try to push down every day anyway. The last two weeks have been long and emotionally exhausting. But I have great friends and what I found was we could get together and talk about it and do what we could to help the family and each other get through it.

I'm not an immediate blogger. I don't run to my computer when I'm working things out. I kind of internalize them a bit, then talk to people, and then go to my computer and not necessarily to jump on the social networking circles about it, sometimes just to write something for me.  That's my process.  And sometimes by that point I'm all done.  I don't feel like I need to bring it up again just to post it.  Just to rehash and reopen.

I know that a lot of people have found a lot of value in the online world, because they can find a community that they might not have access to in the real world.  But there is something to be said for real life communication.  There is something to healing in real time.

The ol' dog & pony show, but cuter

The last month of school is disproportionately busy.  It's just about time where everyone (the kids, the parents, the teachers) gets really tired of school and then there's a bunch of last minute activities.  I'm tired, yo!  I think we're averaging two events a week for the last three weeks of school. This week there's a Teacher Appreciation lunch and a Las Madres Festival.

Last week was the First Grade Song & Dance show (jazz hands!) 


Here are Chance and his best buddy NOT getting in trouble. For once.


And their Snake Dance.  Which Chance informed me was "really famous".


It was cute. And Chance managed not to pick his nose as much for the night performance.  Progress! (With jazz hands!)          - wg

I'll CC you

I'm keeping this post short and sweet because there's a lot going on right now.  So I'm back from the dead, which is always convenient.  Chance has his first grade performances today!  One morning and one night show.  I got a flat tire this morning on the way to school so I caught his morning show while I was waiting for the tow truck.  Not that those two are causally related.  I mean, I probably was going to see the morning show anyway and then the car trouble so there you go.  Keen and I will be seeing him tonight, too, because otherwise he'd have to walk himself to school at night and that just seems sort of mean and vaguely irresponsible.  I'll put up pictures soon of my son looking adorable for about 80% of the show and then picking his nose for the other 20%.  :)  And finally, I told you about that local poetry contest I entered and that I'd put up a link when my poem went up with the other entries on the blog.  Here's the link if you want to check it out. Thanks and see you soon!

Why are all my posts starting to sound like emails?