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Stupid things I did today, now with water

It occurred to me as I was standing precariously on a wooden bar stool in the shower, spraying down ceiling tile with 409, the fumes drifting rapturously into my brain, that perhaps that wasn't the soundest idea I could come up with after waking from a nap... of said nap I had taken to cut off an impeding headache but instead awoke with dizziness and a fever so again, perhaps, standing on a high, slippery surface breathing in chemicals that could only deteriorate my already tenuous judgement into something potentially life threatening was NOT the best possible decision.

So I got down. But did I stop there? 

No. After wandering aimlessly between the bathroom and bedroom for a while, occasionally attempting to clean and/or organize sundry items before invariably losing track of what I was doing (only sensing that I WAS supposed to be cleaning/organizing something or other), I then proceeded to plunge my arm fully into a fish tank to scrub its wall without noticing that I had not yet unplugged the electrical devices attached to the tank. Potentially life threatening situation #2.

Unplugged everything. Yay!  Took Zuma Blitz break. Yay!

While using a pump hose to clean the tank I hit upon the idea of fitting the tube over the round opening on one of my tank decorations to suck all the muck out of it.  How clever am I?!  My idea worked so brilliantly the hose was suctioned to the ornament. Fight ensued.  Managed NOT to soak myself or the floor (a fish-tank-cleaning first)!  Yay!

Finally decided that cleaning in general was probably not a good idea (and organizing was obviously not even an option), and went downstairs attempting to juggle iPhone, mug of tea, and thermometer...

...soaked myself and the floor.  But luckily, not the iPhone.         - wg



That's the problem with cleaning--the cleaner what you're cleaning gets, the dirtier you get!

Jay Noel

Geez. Sounds like a good day to nap the day away.

the weirdgirl

Scott - You said it! I think that's the main reason I drag my feet about it sometimes. I just don't want to get grungy.

Jay - If I could have that day I would have. We had a repair person coming in and I kind of HAD to get things cleaned up ahead of time. I was right back to it the next day after my senses came back.

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