Catty Kisses

As part of Chance's homework he has to write a sentence for each of his weekly spelling words. This week he made his beloved stuffed animal, Catty, a central character, attempting to put her in a variety of amusing situations.  The next word was "kisses".

Chance:  "Hey Mom, listen to this one. 'Catty kisses balls.' Isn't that funny?"

Me:  "Oh honey..."

Chance, giggling: "Like tether balls and..."

Me: "That kind of sounds like Catty is kissing the other kind of balls. You know... like testicles."

Chance, looking aghast: "But that's not what I meant!!"

Me: "Yeah, but that's what it sounds like."

Chance stared at his paper then started erasing furiously.  "OK, I changed it. 'Catty kisses ME!'"

Me: "Very sweet, kiddo."

Because he knows what kind of girl Catty is.




Absolutely hilarious!

I had a very similar experience when I was about his age. I had never heard the OTHER meaning of the word "pussy", but I was amused at the "puss" at the end of the word "octopus". So, in total innocence, I asked, "Mommy, what's a puss?"

If she would have simply told me it was a bad word, I would have just accepted that. But my mom was always very inhibited, and as soon as I asked her that she just walked out of the room. Of course, this intrigued me, so I followed her all over the house, asking "What's a puss?" over and over again.

Finally she said shamefully, "It's a bad name for a woman's body!"

And I didn't ask her again--there was no intrigue in the word anymore.

Just wish she would have told me that in the first place!

Jay Noel

Catty kisses MY balls. Hahahahahaha.

Just so you know, we NEVER outgrow this base and childish sense of humor. I still laugh at fart jokes.

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