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Finally the carpet matches the drapes

This past Monday we got new carpets for our upstairs!  We've been meaning to get them replaced forever, but you know, who wants to move everything?  But we did.  It was hard work in a short time, it came out beautiful, and I got hurt in the process.  This is so sadly typical of my life.  So sad.

Here is the new beautiful room.


And here is a segment of the old grotty carpet still left in the bathroom. Yes, that giant pink spot is from my hair dye!  Why didn't we replace it in the bathroom too, you say?  Well, because who the hell puts carpeting in a bathroom anyway?  (I guess it's people who don't dye their hair punk colors.)  The plan is to eventually re-tile that bathroom and we thought, "Why beat up perfectly nice carpet? Let the old carpet continue to be trashed!"  

But I ain't gonna lie to you, now that see it next to the nice new carpet, it's bugging me. It's bugging me bad.

Must...control... impulse to... renovate!  Argh!


In the Sunroom


Love has a weight, and those cherished even more.

Sunlight is yearned for

and received

but always just an hour out of reach.

The warmth curls around like a cushion

in my hermitage of light;

small things from small hands

scattered on the floor.

The walls illustrate the distance

and reflections dapple ghostly on the skin.

I see my other self there in a shiny pane

(bracketed in the mundane)

waiting for feathers to sprout along arms.


I have stared too much.


But my tea is waiting…

there beside my chair.

The steam curls around like a cushion.

             - wg


Predilections of a future cat lady*

[Doorbell rings]

Friend: Hey, want to go lunch? I know this is short notice but I was in the neighborhood between meetings.

Me: Oh god, yes!  Lunch out and human contact? Sweet!

Friend: We gotta make it fast, though, I've only got 45 minutes.

Me: OK, let me grab my shoes... oh... wait... I've got to water the plants.

Friend: What?

Me: The plants. I've got to water them.  It's on my To Do list.

Friend: You can't do it later?

Me: But I've already made a checkmark!

Friend:  . . .

Me: Saying I did it. Because I was just about to!

Friend: . . .


Friend: Ok, you've got five minutes.


*Actually, I'll never really become a cat lady (too much) because I've seen that show Animal Hoarding and it scares me. It scares me bad.

No resolutions, just tips please

I am having the hardest time transitioning. It's back to a regular schedule after winter break and I am nothing but befuddled.  (I also can't seem to type. But I'm still type A so the typos are really working my nerves.)  I kind of feel like I was smacked upside the head this year.  Not the whole year, just the last month. The last month bitch-slapped me something good. Just for fun, see, because the month was bored and wanted something to do. 

So I'm not sure what to do to jar me back into a groove. I have never been one for resolutions so I don't have a new workout routine to hate on or anything.  I already have my bucket list of mid-life crisis reactions goals. I'd learn something new but I already had that knitting thing on my list and you know what?  It took about five minutes to relearn that.  Oh, and then I locked up my back knitting!  No, I am not shitting you.  I can only laugh because that is some ridiculous crap right there.  Ha ha, life.  Ha ha.

Anyway, what do you do when you need a jolt?            - wg