And then the moths attacked
A robot, a skeleton, and a mummy were sitting at a bar...

Who says a good man is hard to find?

(I tried to post this yesterday from my phone. Total app fail!)

Me and the kiddo have been knocked down with colds this week so I am, of course, behind. *sigh* I really just should acknowledge that I am behind in LIFE.  (Isn't there a special prize for that?)

So you know how I decorate our sunroom for Halloween every year? Well, I'm documentating again.  First stage...

Need a man?  Shop Amazon!


He's very low maintenance.


And such a good listener!


He even likes all the same things I do. Here he is, watching Project Runway with me!


His wardrobe, however, is a work in progress.                             - wg



Why didn't I marry one of HIM???

Jay Noel

You are the coolest mom.

But I don't think that "man" is anatomically correct.

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