Blinking is a dangerous thing

Swimwear Must Die '11!

OK, so I didn't quite get the flooding stream of comments about how much you all can't live without the swimsuit edition. But I did get people sending me links!  To swimsuits!  Really awesome ones.  And as one notable person pointed out, I was really leaving out the guys.  So for the first time ever the swimsuit edition is going co-ed!

Attack of the male models. Prepare to get bitch slapped!

2011 swimsuit bracelets

For that bikini that was missing something... now both sections are furry!  (Or... true accessorizing means the carpet matches the drapes matches the throw pillows.)

2011 swimsuit bracelets

For when Wonder Woman wants to change out her magic bracelets for something a little more "beachy."

2011 swimsuit bracelets

What's that in your banana?  I mean, your... um... hammock? Your satin hammock.  No! I'm not looking at your "i"!  I love you for your banana. Mind! I mean, mind. 

2011 swimsuit bracelets

That Spiderman is such a gentleman! And he never lays a finger on me.

2011 swimsuit spiderman visits

You know what's hot? Big ass veins snaking down towards snakeskin. I love men with themes.  ("Live your dreams, face your fears... of my gigantic snake!")

2011 swimsuit bracelets

"For my wedding I just wanted to find the perfect combo of chess plus floral because it so screams 80s' innocence. Not that I remember the 80s but that's what Frankie was singing about, right? Plus they say that multiple lines and patterns are always super flattering."

2011 swimsuit bracelets

Sometimes you just need a girl who's all-terrain.

2011 swimsuit bracelets

Smile! You've got boobs!  (Yes, this is actually a bikini.)

2011 swimsuit bracelets

And finally, we have... wait for it... monster themed bikinis!  For these two I really think we ought to have a caption contest because seriously, SERIOUSLY! Look at these things!

 2011 swimsuit monster2011 swimsuit monster 2




















Never say I don't leave you with something you can sink your teeth into.             - wg



I actually kinda dig the monster ones.

Monster bikinis. Not monster snakes.

the weirdgirl

TwoBusy - They're kind of sassy. And they would give one a legitimate reason to stare.


I would call those suits celibacy wear. Jagged teeth in the crotch. That says kiss at the door and run!


Not just a monster...but a WALL-EYED MONSTER.



"Yeah, I'm looking at you...AND that other guy over there."

"Fine fashion for the earless monster in your life."

"If you'll notice, the eyes follow you wherever you go."

"Don't look at me - I'm hideous!"

"Earthling, give me your seed!"

"Bet you blink first."

"Good for a visit to the beach, the dentist, and the optometrist!"

wholesale clothing

I've never seen printed and b&w for guys, but they look hot. I'd probably get my husband one of those. I'm not sure if he'll dig the monster-themed bikinis.

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