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We're all a little hyper sometimes

I got summer locked up today!  I am feeling very relieved and rather energized. Trips kept coming up and disappearing and dates shifted and well, we got all vacations sorted, a summer camp signed up, and paperwork in for summer OT camp.  It's been difficult because we want to keep Chance busy (but not too much because it is summer) but we don't want to throw too much at him that's new either.  He had a neurology appointment early in May and he fits the criteria for ADHD combined type, on top of his sensory issues (and frankly, he's been really hyper lately so I'm not surprised).  We will probably try some trial runs with medication over the summer, but we want to be careful with them.  I've seen them work great with some people, but sometimes people have different reactions.  I remember my brother talking about meds that made him apathetic, which is exactly the opposite of what those drugs are supposed to do.  I also don't want anything that will change Chance's fundamental personality... his energy, while excessive, is what makes him special and so engaging with people.  The point of meds are to help him slow down enough so that he can organize himself better.  And I don't mean like organizing his homework, I mean as in organizing his thoughts, body, emotions and reactions to the world around him.  So we'll see how it goes.  Regardless of meds or no meds, I do believe that there is just no substitute for good behavorial therapy. 

Or he could just end up addicted to caffeine and sugar highs like me.

Shut up, I can quit any time.  


foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

We lined up the last summer program this I just have to find something for my oldest to do that doesn't involve being at friends' houses all day/night and/or in front of the Wii, and I'll be golden...but I'm already noting when school starts in the fall!


You're very wise, in raising Chance! It's all about balance with meds, as you are obviously aware. My issues are different than Chance's, of course, being psychiatric disorders--but I can certainly relate. Too much medicine is even more dangerous than too little. And finding the "right" medication is most difficult of all, since everyone has a different brain chemistry.

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