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Bettie Davis raccoon eyes with assorted gunk

Poor Chance has been waking up with his eyes completely swollen on and off for over a week now.  The first day it happened I thought it was an allergy, because that happened another time after he'd been rolling in the grass at soccer practice.  He looked like a raccoon and was completely embarrassed about going to school.  (And my kid is never embarrassed so that is a feat.)  It cleared up but then a couple of days later it was back. Then his eyes started getting gummy and I thought it might be pink eye (and another kid at school had it), but this time the swelling wasn't quite as bad.  This whole affliction has been up and down, gone then back.  At the doctor we come to find out his symptons are completely overlapping.  It could be pink eye OR it could be allergies or it could be both!  So we start double-treating.  

I have washed all his bedding.  I stuck all his stuffed animals in the "allergiene" steam cycle of the washer.  I spent three hours tearing apart his room today just generally cleaning.  The thing that has me worried is we just bought him a new mattress and this started three days after we got it. Tonight, just in case, he's sleeping on the couch.  I'd almost rather it be an allergy to something in the mattress than general grass allergies because at least I can take the mattress back.  It is no fun waking up with itchy, red, raccoon eyes.  I have allergies but not in the eyes like this.  Or maybe, this is gonna sound sick but that's where you go when your kid is suffering, it IS pink eye and the medicine will help soon. (It just feels wrong to hope my son has an infection.)  I was using up some old medicine, not expired just old (with the doctor's knowledge), and the doc and I decided today to use the brand spanking new medicine instead.  Just in case.

The worst part is he only has three days of school left and he had to miss today because we went back to the doctor.  He was pretty bummed about that. :(

Anyone else ever deal with this?

                 - the weirdgirl

We're all a little hyper sometimes

I got summer locked up today!  I am feeling very relieved and rather energized. Trips kept coming up and disappearing and dates shifted and well, we got all vacations sorted, a summer camp signed up, and paperwork in for summer OT camp.  It's been difficult because we want to keep Chance busy (but not too much because it is summer) but we don't want to throw too much at him that's new either.  He had a neurology appointment early in May and he fits the criteria for ADHD combined type, on top of his sensory issues (and frankly, he's been really hyper lately so I'm not surprised).  We will probably try some trial runs with medication over the summer, but we want to be careful with them.  I've seen them work great with some people, but sometimes people have different reactions.  I remember my brother talking about meds that made him apathetic, which is exactly the opposite of what those drugs are supposed to do.  I also don't want anything that will change Chance's fundamental personality... his energy, while excessive, is what makes him special and so engaging with people.  The point of meds are to help him slow down enough so that he can organize himself better.  And I don't mean like organizing his homework, I mean as in organizing his thoughts, body, emotions and reactions to the world around him.  So we'll see how it goes.  Regardless of meds or no meds, I do believe that there is just no substitute for good behavorial therapy. 

Or he could just end up addicted to caffeine and sugar highs like me.

Shut up, I can quit any time.  

And the world spiraled into lame

Last weekend ended on a good high note.  Then people went a little crazy this week.  I don't want to talk about it because I'm not feeding any flames and I'm rather sick of it (I mean, I do want to talk about it but I'm sure that will bite me in the ass), but suffice it to say it involved the school parent volunteer program.  And you know when anything involves school, things tend to get ugly.  (And volunteerism in general is always a hotbed of dissension.)  Nothing was done to me personally but it was ongoing and in the vicinity.  You know how it is when you're watching other people's drama? After a while it just all gets irritating.

Things change. I understand that people are upset but it's not the end of the world.

Speaking of which, I hear that's happening around 6:00ish tomorrow.  It's always good to be specific about these things.  Prince is in concert locally so people are gonna be extra pissed around here!  It's probably not a good idea to meet the rapture mad but it is Prince.  Going on this new information, I think maybe there's been too much emphasis on school.  I think we should go back to basics, like banging rocks together and building fires. Of course, deep interpretation of significant texts will still be needed.  Did you know that when you read Revolution (as in, Prince and the) backwards it says, "No! Y tu, lover?"  OK, I changed the "i" to a "y" (because around here Spanish and English are pretty interchangeable) but it is SO burning of Rome!  Kind of scary given tomorrow night.  Obviously, Prince knows something.

Worst mad scientist ever

It turns out it's harder to grow bacteria than I expected.  The instructions on the bacteria growing "kit" (i.e. petri dishes, dry agar, and a one page instruction sheet) said to "put the petri dishes in a warm, dark place" and that within 24-48 hours you would see stuff growing.  But I didnt' see much growing so I did internet research and by "warm" they're talking ideally around 100 degrees, but NOT on a heating unit or in a draft.  Um, I've got these in a closet in a shoebox.  How the hell am I supposed to get that closet to 100 degrees?  So I crank up the regular heater, then yank out a ground heater and proceed to try to heat up the room the closet is attached to.  I think I got it pretty toasty but not to a 100.  Then Keen made me turn off the house heater.  Not that I blame him.  The kicker is a week and a half ago we had an unseasonal heatwave.  But that was then, wg, you optimistic fool.  I start brainstorming other warm places that maybe could kickstart the germs growing and I came up with... my car!  So I throw the shoebox and a sweater over it into my car, along with a meat thermometer so I can track the temperature (because that's scientifically accurate) and leave it there for the day.  I mean, it's not strange at all to be driving around with petri dishes full of spit, right?  There was something about not disturbing the dishes and blah blah blah but whatever.  I'm not trusting that one-page instruction sheet at this point.

On top of that we also have a chrysalis to take care of from Chance's other science class (this is an outside camp).  I was supposed to be spritzing it with water so the wings don't deform but I kind of lost track of that in the frenzy of growing spit germs.  Oops.  At this rate, maybe I can throw some bacteria onto the chrysalis, grow a giant mutant butterfly and call it a day.  I'm sure everyone will be in awe of our scientific prowess.

Doofenschmirtz, eat your heart out.

Drowning... in spit

So I've got to apologize because after I made my big wah wah last week about "what should I write about?" *whine moan whine* I have had no time to write anything!  NO TIME!  I didn't even get up the nice Mother's Day post I was planning or respond to anyone's comments on my last post. Let me assure you... I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment. I. Just. Suck.

I am looking forward to Summer. I am looking forward to TIME.  Now you'd think that as school drew to a close there would be less activities to bungle up all our schedules. Because everyone knows that as Spring progresses there are more and more things going on.  Right?  Weekend gets packed.  Everyone abandons winter gloom for outside activities. Everyone knows this!  So school should realize this, too.  But no, there is even more shit going on at school now than at the beginning of the year.  We just had school testing and the teacher appreciation luncheon.  In the library we've been trying to collect everyone's overdue books (ha ha ha!).  I'm still getting assessments done for Chance (more on that later).  Now we've got the spring fundraising carnival this weekend, plus the Science Fair.  Da da da DUH!  At this moment there are two petri dishes on my desk waiting for disposits of spit. I've already got samples from me, Chance, a cat, and the school nurse. Today I will be collecting from a dog.

I have never done a science fair.  I had to learn how to make agar (i.e. middle-aged woman freaking out while boiling water in the microwave and stirring seaweed-smelling goo).  Now I've got to figure out how to deal with that big cardboard presentation thingy in a way that is accessible for a kindergartener.  I don't want to DO his project (because, hello? cheat! And you know parents totally do that), but at his age he obviously still needs direction. 

But boy, am I floundering. I'll try not to splash anyone.              - wg

Ruts, lifecycles, and breaking molds

I think I'm going to talk a little more about writing here, in this space where I write.  I've noticed I've been doing lots of cutesy kid posts and I think it's just something I fall back on when I get stuck because I've been doing this blog for so long.  It's totally knee-jerk.  I realize I'm in a rut. You know what else I noticed?  I was a looking at a list of the top parent bloggers, or mommy bloggers, or some crap like that and I didn't recognize anyone!  OK, maybe a couple of people I recognized but they were way down at the bottoms of the list in terms of popularity. It was shocking.  Both that they were so low and that I didn't recognize anyone.  I used to be familiar with everyone in the top parent blogging sphere.

And that kind of made me think about lifecycles.  What's the standard lifecycle for a blog?  There's probably some market research for that somewhere.  I used to have a pretty good following, not huge but enough.  But a lot of my audience has left the blogging world over the years, or changed direction, or we just drifted.  I still feel like people come to visit but my comments are way down from what they were a couple years ago, and honestly, my energy has changed direction and lagged as well.  Out of curiousity I visited some of the big name bloggers I knew back in the day. I mean, these people were hot, they were always in the top tiers of favorite bloggers lists, and they used to get comments galore on every single post!  You know what?  A lot of them... their comments were way down, too.  Now they probably still get a ton of hits but comments are kind of telling, you know?  At least, I used to think so.  But then again, I am so obviously out of the loop of which blogs are A list anymore my opinion shouldn't count for much. Doh! 

So I've been wondering about the standard run of a blog.  I know there's a cap for the whole "mommy blogging" thing; that it's typically considered for moms of young children.  Once you're out of poop stories you're shit out of luck.  (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)  I wonder if there are caps for other blog genres?  Do food blogs get a good five years?  Craft blogs, 10?  Humor blogs go on forever, but that's only if people think you're funny.  (Apparently it doesn't count when you're the only one who thinks you're funny. Damn.)  Have the long-time bloggers changed focus every so often to keep things fresh?

So... in just some small measure to shake things up I'm going to try to talk about more.  I don't want to completely change focus (not that I ever had a focus), I just want to expand.  Maybe I'll stop saying "so" so damn much.  Not that I expect wild popularity or anything I'm just trying to do something new, accomplish something different.  I'm filled with a constant frustration and I want it to stop.  (I have no idea how much of this is just my mid-life crisis-rearing head. It's plaguing me, damnit.)  I mean, I think I do some interesting things...

I'm still taking drum lessons.

I really, really love writing over at Culture Brats! I've been taking it as opportunity to go to more music shows, see more art, more pop culture, immerse myself in stuff I already love. And the best part?  Getting to talk to people about it.

I joined our local poetry society and finally got to a reading. (BTW, speaking of lifecycles, somebody said at the poetry reading that the average life cycle of a poet is 15 years. Then they totally start repeating themselves.  Well, shit.)

I'm still doing miscellaneous crafting and I'm been planning, vaguely, maybe just dreaming of, opening an Etsy shop for a year.  I am dying for one of those personal silk screening printers. 

Gardening is coming up so, yeah, you're all going to get another picture of tomatoes and/or jam. Sorry, some ruts you just can't break.  (jump out of? plow?)

And, of course, I've got about a hundred writing projects started.  Poetry, short stories, novels, children's books.

I also should get around to finishing that 30 Days thing, huh? (Wait, wasn't that my last attempt to break the mold?)  

So... do I talk about these things or does that just sound like the same old shit?

             - wg