Rock Lobster, or In Which My Own Dorkdom Astounds Me

Game on!

When I picked up my son for lunch today this is what he was drawing in the office.

Bloggable 008 cropped

Then he followed up with, "Mom, does this look like a .          .?"

Take a guess what he was drawing.  The winner shall receive fame and glorious adulations!  No, really.

(Oh, I think I'm gonna tear up. The first time your child draws a phallic image is just so special!)

               - wg





that is his kee-nisss! bawahahahah


Those are obviously the giant sandworms of DUNE! They're attracted to rhythmic vibrations. Which means we're all doomed, I guess.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I'm guessing an earthworm, too. An earthworm that's ribbed for her pleasure.


a knife


A train??

the weirdgirl

The worms got it! Congrats to you all, you clever people. Here's how you can tell the fine distinctions... all worms are, of course, ribbed for her pleasure. If it was a knife there probably would have been blood dripping off it. If it was a train there would be smoke coming out of the penis. Um, I mean worm.
Godmother - that really was what I was expecting to come out of his mouth!
Dave2 - exnay on the ibrationsvay!


I've tried to come up with an alternative for them (railroads across ponds, cucumbers with ribbons wrapped around them), but no--that's definitely what he says it is!

He's going through the collective memory of human spiritual evolution! Prehistoric people worshiped the phallus first, because they thought that was what "made" the babies. It wasn't until much later that they worshiped the vagina (namely the female figure, overall), having somehow realized that the phallus doesn't "make" the baby, but fertilizes the woman to "make" him/her.

On the other hand--maybe he's just being a kid!

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