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Ha! Take that technology!

I did it! I managed to implement my own domain name and map it to this blog!  I am inordinately proud of myself, because the instructions were fucking confusing.  You wouldn't think there'd need to be so many steps involved.  I think there were redundancies built in, to be on the technological safe side, but still confusing.  And I say this from the perspective of someone who has had to write help desk/software release instructions many times.  So if I am confused - one so used to deciphering the gobbly-gook speak of engineers (no offense, I love you guys) - then it IS confusing!  Sometimes "dumbing down", from a consumer perspective, is a good thing.

The word of the day is, say it with me... CLARITY.

Damnit, I wish someone would pay me for being snotty. I'm so damn good at it.

On that thought, I already work as a freelance writer but maybe I should extend my marketing and business writing services to include instruction rewrites.  I could be available to reorder IKEA building instructions so they make sense, or reinterpret help pages with screen shots that are too old, or even just to commiserate with you on the phone that, "Yes, these instructions DO suck! It's not you at all!"  I promise my rates will be reasonable.

For those of you who would like to update your blogroll, my new and improved URL is  Da da da DUN!                     - wg

New name, new confusion

Just like any egomanical blogger, when I first started this blog back in 2005 I religiously checked to see if my domain was available.  And it never was!  Some Russian chick in New Jersey just sat on it for years.  Never did anything with it, either.  It was very frustrating.  At least if I'd seen a porn site pop up I'd know it was being put to some use. I figured it would have to be porn, right, because the majority of people still come to my site looking for "weird girls doing..." fill in the blank.  I even got suckered into paid for a service for awhile to scoop up my chosen domain name if it ever became available.  And it still didn't!  Eventually, I stopped checking as often. Apathy grew. I got lazy. I forgot. Etc. 

But Jay at Writer on Fire recently wrote a blog post that reminded me that I hadn't checked on my Russian squatter in quite a long time. Guess what? is FINALLY available!  Woo hoo!

Now I just have to figure out how to map it / confgure the CNAME / set the nameserver.  Or something like that.

I am so very very confused.   

I think I did it right, maybe, according to screen shot tutorials that were made before the current software release, but I have to wait 1-2 days before I can activate it(?), after it resolves(?).  Will a bell ping or something to tell me it's done all that?  Is there some testing I can perform before I test it on my site?  No, I don't want to talk to your forum. I want a help technician to look at it and tell me if it's right.  

Because for someone who knows what they're doing that'll take a second.   

A forum full of people like me?  Ugh.

The first of many?!


The curtain raises, the lights come up, characters don costumes, take their places, say their lines and commence with singing.  My son goes to a performing arts school and this week was the Kindergarten play.  Six weeks of practice led up to their performances this week.  My son sang along with the rest of them.  He also stuck his finger up his nose.  Not with just one finger but two!  Each side, baby.  And he and his best friend decided to have a poking contest on stage. 

See my son on the right and the boy in the yellow vest on the left looking all innocent?  Not for long!

Kindergarten play 016 copy

It was still utterly adorable.

Kindergarten play 020

Kindergarten play 018

Kindergarten play 023

Good show kids!                   - wg

Six and the sicks

We are all still sick.  Actually, Chance is better but his damn germs have spread to the parental units.  While we were ill Chance turned SIX!  Last Thursday to be exact but I didn't have it in me to post anything. When I come down off all this decongestant I'll probably be in awe and a little weepy over how big my boy has gotten. Chance's grandparents asked him, "Since he was six now, what was he doing seven years ago?" After consulting with Keen his answer was as follows,

"I was living in Dad's BALLS!"

Thanks honey. I'll be expecting a call when he repeats that one at school.

We had a party on Sunday because, damnit, I already had it scheduled at Pump It Up!  Sometimes you gotta carry through.  But in my fever reduced state, I forgot...

the ice cream,

my camera,

and probably some of the finer hostess duties such as visiting with all of our guests.  Sorry.

However, I felt very relaxed.  Lovely cold meds.  Here are some pics.

This cake just blows away every other cake we've ever had.

Chances 6th birthday 005

Chance was pretty excited.

Chances 6th birthday 006

And then it started shooting at his head. Aagh!

Chances 6th birthday 013

That's one way to get rid of a headache.

a bit of mommy burn out

Chance woke up with a very high fever this morning, 103.7, and I gave him motrin and threw him in the bath and basically did all the things to bring his fever down while biting my nails and feeling very frazzled.  His fever has come down (thank goodness) and we are going to the doctor. Chance was sick the week before we went to Disneyland and then a bit at Disneyland.  Chance also always seems to get sick when Keen is out of town.  The kids at school have been passing around illness in rotating waves lately.  I feel like a very big portion of my life is spent around sick kids (which is exactly why I never had an iota of interest in being a doctor or nurse).  And that in turn affects the other portions because then I get sick and can't participate in my own life.

The portion of my life that I call entirely my own is such a small tiny tiny percentage of what I'm doing on any given day. Usually squeezed in at the end, when I'm tired.

By the way, all you accomplished, incredibly successful people at 30... I hate you.

I've been picking up Chance from school and bringing him home for lunch everyday for the last couple of weeks.  It seemed like all his meltdowns or misbehavior incidences at school were happening at lunch or right after. The cafeteria is just too fucking loud.  We'd discussed setting up some sort of break for him after lunch at school, but things came to a head and I decided having lunch at home would be his break. And it does seem to be helping; he goes back for the afternoon much calmer. 

But now I have a really odd schedule.  

It would be fine if I was happy with just the mommy track, but there are other things I'm trying to do.  Our world is not set up to support moms who are trying to do anything other than be moms.  Being a "good" mom (patronizing head pat, please) means you get screwed.


Don't want to talk about it but then I do

I've been a little bummed this week.  Our school, which has already had some really terrible luck this year - we had a devastating fire in July, a molestation arrest out of the (non-affiliated) after school program, and a school lockdown a few weeks ago because they thought there was a man with a gun - now more trouble has come to light.  I don't want to get into too many details because I really have mixed feelings about the whole affair (and if you live in this area you probably already know about it anyway).  However, the gist is two people were appropriating funds from the PTA and one of them was just arrested. 

The problem - my problem - is I knew this woman.  I knew this woman and I really liked her.  Actually, I still like her.  She was great with the kids, she was wonderful with my son in particular.  I just feel sick over this.  I was absolutely shocked when I heard about the arrest.  I don't know what the circumstances were that led up to this situation but I know the amount taken was cumulative over time.  I think, I hope, it comes down to sometimes good people make bad decisions.

We live in a really great community.  I really like the people in our neighborhood and at our school and all these bad events just don't reflect how much people care and come together in this neighborhood.  It's just been so much this year already. I really hope this means our school has paid our dues in bad karma for a least a few years.

I just needed to get that off my chest.           - wg

I am a Northern California girl through and through but here are a couple of things I adore about Southern Cal.

1. There are those (ahem) moments where I might not be dressed as age-appropriately as my advancing years suggest I should.  My crime might be that I enjoy a short skirt or a poufy dress tied back with a bow a little too much for someone pushing 40 but I'm only taking Betsey Johnson's lead.  (And I have to ask... if you don't look 35 does that mini skirt rule still apply? (Shut up, I don't look a day over 33.))  However, in LA there is ALWAYS someone older dressed even more age-inappropriately than I!  I saw a 50-year-old guy in 7-11 dressed like Mike D from the Beastie Boys circa 1985.  Yes!

2. If traffic is relatively clear on the freeways (rare but it happens) everyone drives 85 miles an hour. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this!  Our local freeways aren't nearly so crowded but we have numbnuts cruising along at 45. 

3. Movies.  I really do appreciate the art of films. Even though the business end seems to have made a lot of LA rather industrial looking.

Oh, and Disneyland. Disneyland is a very cool place. This is only the third trip I've ever taken there and I have to say I am always impressed at the level of amazing detail and how they never seem to spill over into the cheese factor. I am very sensitive to cheese. 

Chance did amazingly well on this trip. Especially considering how much of a sensory disaster our first trip out there was.  It's amazing what a little time, maturity, and more OT can do for a kid.  The Disneyland rides are such sensory immersion experiences that they really freaked him out the first trip.  But this year he was eager to try a lot of the rides (not all but some) and we also slapped on some great noise reduction headphones whenever he needed a break.  (And you know they're effective when you see more than one pair of those headphones walking around the park.)

Disneyland 025

Geez, Mom, another picture?
Disneyland 025

Disneyland 025

This is a pretty rare sight... snow in Southern Cal, going over the Grapevine.
Disneyland 025

As with any trip we all came back tired and rumpled, but overall it was pretty damn good.
Disneyland 025