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The con, part two (in which the tables are turned)

Disclaimer: I know it sounds like we're constantly sick but this particular cold has been displaying hide and seek tendencies.  Have a long weekend and suddenly feel sick... for a day.  Feel fine for a few more days and then once again get sick... for a day.  You see how it is, this cold is one of those lingering roommates who won't move out and occassionally trashes the bathroom.  I still stand by the statement that I haven't been sick since Thanksgiving.

Yesterday morning I woke up and my entire face hurt.  Chance jumped on the bed and said he had a stuffy nose and cough, immediately followed with a request to play with the iPad, so since I could barely move anyway (and the jumping was making my head worse) I said, "OK, we're staying home."  I figured we both must have picked up the same thing at school and it's finally taken hold.

When I got up out of bed a couple of hours later, guess whose nose and cough were "so much better" (as he happily played video games and sprawled on the couch)?

Uh huh.

So after sleeping almost all day yesterday I woke up this morning feeling, not 100%, but able to at least minimally function. (I.e. wash, put on clean clothes, get ass out of bed.)  Chance's disappearing cough, however, had progressed to an actual cough.  But I was still suspicious and it was time to play 20 questions.  I mean, how sick are you if you're bouncing around like a maniac?

Me:  "Let me hear your cough."

Chance: *hacking up lung, rattle rattle ack*

Me: "You're a little warm but it's not a temperature. If you stay home you know you can't have any playdates."

Chance: "OK."

Me: "Understand? No playdates or going anywhere fun, even if you get bored."

Chance: "I understand."

Me: "How do your ears and throat feel?"

Chance: "They feel good. It's just this cough bothers me." *coughs again, extra emphasis on the rattle*

Me: "Mm-hmm. You know you won't get to play with any of your friends at school?"

Chance: "Yeah."

Me: "Do you just want to stay home or do you feel yucky?"

Chance: "I just wanna... I feel yucky."

Uh huh. 



Wow - the entire face hurt? Sounds like a nasty part of this cold. Was it a sinus infection? Just ick.

Hope you feel better soon.



You definitely turned the tables!

I've never had children, but I can certainly remember doing the same thing to stay out of school--and my mom doing the same thing, once I decided (after school hours were up) I wanted to go play outside!

One day, in particular, I really did feel sick, but got better a few hours after school had started. So my mom wrote me an excuse note, and I walked on to school. On the way, I passed several construction workers, taking a break at their worksite (a house on the other side of the block). One of them shouted, grinning, "Boy, why aren't you in school!"

"I'm sick," I replied.

"Bullshit, man!" shouted the worker, laughing with his comrades.

And I laughed too! I was still young enough to be hysterically amused at such words as "bullshit"!

J. Noel

Just threaten to take him to the doctor for a round of shots. He'll suddenly feel better.

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