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Decisively bitchy

After being in the house for several days with a sick kid (who chatters chatters chatters even though he is sick AND climbs on me) I needed to escape briefly or suffer insanity and so I made my way to Old Navy.  I didn't need clothes per se but sweet freedom beckoned in the form of two or more at only $7.50 each! and every time I buy a standard white t-shirt it, WTH, gets destroyed (holes, shrinkage, stain right on the nipple) so I found myself in front of the vast array of t-shirts ripe with symbolic independence.

Now you know Old Navy... they always have four or five styles of tees and a bunch of different colors (but never the color in the style that you want) and I can't say consistency is their sweatshop's middle name so I always need to try on each style in a couple of different sizes before I'll find the ones that fit right.  So I'm pulling like 10 t-shirts off the shelves when a young lady and her friend walk up. 

They stop.  One in particular stares up at the offering of tees. I assume she's, like me, weighing her sizing options.

She tentatively reaches for a baby blue standard t-shirt.  Hesitates before picking it up.  Stares again.  Finally, slowly picks up the tee and holds it towards her friend.

"What do you think?"

Friend mumbles affirmatively.

"Really?" The young lady goes back to staring at the blue tee.  Puts it back down again.  Looks at the jeans.  Comes back a few minutes later and picks it back up.

"How about with these?  Will it go?"  She holds the tee against her brown Ugg boots clearly waiting for further validation.

Her friend again mumbles affirmatively.  But it doesn't seem strong enough for t-shirt gal because she goes back to staring, unsure, at the plain blue regular tee.

At that point I had to walk away with my gajillion t-shirts, that I would try on in the changing room and decide upon all by myself.  Because they're t-shirts, not a massive life-threatening decision.  It wasn't as if these were two teenagers. These were two young ladies in their 20s, maybe early 30s.  I don't mean to sound mean.  Perhaps this individual was just a very indecisive person (and that's OK!), but I've been seeing this type of scenario more and more in stores lately.  It's not just indecision (trust me, I'll stare when I'm picking colors, too), it's like there is an inability to make a personal decision without a group consensus.  And frankly, I just don't get it. 

Anyone else been seeing this lately?

The con, part two (in which the tables are turned)

Disclaimer: I know it sounds like we're constantly sick but this particular cold has been displaying hide and seek tendencies.  Have a long weekend and suddenly feel sick... for a day.  Feel fine for a few more days and then once again get sick... for a day.  You see how it is, this cold is one of those lingering roommates who won't move out and occassionally trashes the bathroom.  I still stand by the statement that I haven't been sick since Thanksgiving.

Yesterday morning I woke up and my entire face hurt.  Chance jumped on the bed and said he had a stuffy nose and cough, immediately followed with a request to play with the iPad, so since I could barely move anyway (and the jumping was making my head worse) I said, "OK, we're staying home."  I figured we both must have picked up the same thing at school and it's finally taken hold.

When I got up out of bed a couple of hours later, guess whose nose and cough were "so much better" (as he happily played video games and sprawled on the couch)?

Uh huh.

So after sleeping almost all day yesterday I woke up this morning feeling, not 100%, but able to at least minimally function. (I.e. wash, put on clean clothes, get ass out of bed.)  Chance's disappearing cough, however, had progressed to an actual cough.  But I was still suspicious and it was time to play 20 questions.  I mean, how sick are you if you're bouncing around like a maniac?

Me:  "Let me hear your cough."

Chance: *hacking up lung, rattle rattle ack*

Me: "You're a little warm but it's not a temperature. If you stay home you know you can't have any playdates."

Chance: "OK."

Me: "Understand? No playdates or going anywhere fun, even if you get bored."

Chance: "I understand."

Me: "How do your ears and throat feel?"

Chance: "They feel good. It's just this cough bothers me." *coughs again, extra emphasis on the rattle*

Me: "Mm-hmm. You know you won't get to play with any of your friends at school?"

Chance: "Yeah."

Me: "Do you just want to stay home or do you feel yucky?"

Chance: "I just wanna... I feel yucky."

Uh huh. 

This is me not blogging

We had our first SST meeting for Chance at school last week. SST stands for Student Success Team.  I guess it used to stand for Student Study Team or something like that but someone decided that wasn't positive enough so they changed it.  They also call tutoring/study club "intervention" or "support".  The marketing person in me finds the spin amusing.

Anyway, I have been trying to get all our resources together... trying out a few new OT techniques, looking for new materials.  I passed around this book at school and I'm not sure I'm gonna get it back!  (Which is a shame because our OT/Speech therapy is all excited to see it, too. Guess I'm ordering more.)  I'm currently researching noise-reduction or isolation headphones so if there are any SPD/autism parents out there with suggestions please ping me!  I will love you long time.  We're trying chewing gum in the classroom for focus and to stop someone's little motor mouth from running.  I had put together a "busy bag" full of fidget items and worksheets and that has been helping a bit when he just can't sit still.  Starting this week I'm also going to be picking Chance up and bringing him home for lunch.  This is a big one because it cuts my day in half but it just seems like most of his melt-down incidents happen in the afternoons or at lunch time.  We've been discussing giving him a scheduled break in the middle of the day to get away from all the stimulation but honestly, I'm not sure the school has the aide/resources to enforce a break every single day and it might just be moving him from one stimulating environment to another.  So I think getting away from the 180-student lunch time noisy cafeteria/recess might be the break he needs.  We're going to try it anyway and see how it goes.  At least the school year is half-way over.

And President's Week is next week!  Woot!

(I'm going to Disneyland.)                   - wg

30 Days of Truth - Day 07

At the rate I'm going it'll take me a year to finish all of these.

Day 07 - Someone who has made your life worth living for

This one's easy because it's this dude right here.

Chance and kitten 006

My son, not the cat.  Although the cat is pretty darn sweet, but you know, fruit of my loom and all that.  Feelings are stronger when one bears the potential for poopy undies which one has lovingly washed numerous times in one's belly.  Wait, that came out weird.

So I'm attempting to "organize" and "frame" the family photos. (I mention this because I was looking for photos to post.) There are quote marks because I am dubious about my abilities to effectively accomplish either of these activities.  You know what I'm great at?  BUYING frames!  I have so many frames. I'm great at finding sales. I'm good at stacking them up for when the photos are ready. I'm even good at finding some off-the-wall creative way to frame a photo, like adding chalkboard paper to cute clipboards and hanging the photo with some pithy saying underneath... in chalk!  It's finding and editing and printing the photos that seems to be an issue.  Oh, and once I've found/edited/printed the right photo and put in in the frame then I discover there are no hooks on the back of the frame for hanging.  Yeah.

I seem to have gotten a little off topic this 30 days thing again. It's probably a self-protective mechanism.

Chance is the light of my life.  Bare bones time.  We all, everyone of us, have our fears for our personal safety... and those get so much more magnified when you have a child.  Those fears aren't for yourself any longer but for the ones whose hearts may break.  For the ones who might have to live without you.  (Unthinkable but easier to entertain than the truly unbearable.)  I'd always rather be the one hurt, the one in pain, the one who sacrifices... as long as my son is healthy and happy and safe.  You never know what you are truly capable of, the depths and heights of what you would do, until you have someone you are living for the way you live for a child.   

It puts a premium on safety and health. And photos. :)

Now I gotta go before I start crying.

love commemorated

Today marks the 21st year since mine and Keen's first date!  In commemoration I present to you this small, touching tableaux of a relationship after many years.  Try not to weep. 


Old man accordian

Old lady fart

Old man did you

Old lady fart

Old man did you

Old lady flower

Old man did you

Old lady fart

Old man accordian

Old man did you

Old lady fart

Old man did you

Old lady fart

Old man accordian


Old man and woman

And there you have it!  The power of love melding two minds into one. Word from the wise(ish), if you're at the beginning of a relationship, don't try to fight it.  It's inevitable and doesn't even hurt.  Much.

Here's to 21+ more years! I love you babe!              - wg

The con (attempted, not successful)

Me, lying in bed, groggy.  Chance bounces in and snuggles under the covers.

Me, mumbling: "Good morning, kiddo."

Chance: "MORNING!  I love you, Mommy!"

Me: "I love you, too. So... how are you feeling this morning?"

Chance: "Good!"

Me: "Really?  No stuffy nose?"

Chance: "Nope."

Silence and snuggling.

Me: "How does your throat feel?  Do you have a sore throat?"

Chance: "No, it feels good!"

More silence in a warm, warm bed.

Me: "How about your ears?  Are they kind of achy?"

Chance: "Nope! I feel good!"

Me, groaning.  Because I had all of those and somedays it's easier for everyone to be sick than to get up to drop Mr. Healthy McHealthy off at school. 


I shouldn't complain, though. I haven't been sick since Thanksgiving. I figure two months free in the middle of winter and surrounded by boogery kindergartners is a pretty good run, right?  *grumble*

              - the weirdgirl