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30 Days of Truth - Day 07

At the rate I'm going it'll take me a year to finish all of these.

Day 07 - Someone who has made your life worth living for

This one's easy because it's this dude right here.

Chance and kitten 006

My son, not the cat.  Although the cat is pretty darn sweet, but you know, fruit of my loom and all that.  Feelings are stronger when one bears the potential for poopy undies which one has lovingly washed numerous times in one's belly.  Wait, that came out weird.

So I'm attempting to "organize" and "frame" the family photos. (I mention this because I was looking for photos to post.) There are quote marks because I am dubious about my abilities to effectively accomplish either of these activities.  You know what I'm great at?  BUYING frames!  I have so many frames. I'm great at finding sales. I'm good at stacking them up for when the photos are ready. I'm even good at finding some off-the-wall creative way to frame a photo, like adding chalkboard paper to cute clipboards and hanging the photo with some pithy saying underneath... in chalk!  It's finding and editing and printing the photos that seems to be an issue.  Oh, and once I've found/edited/printed the right photo and put in in the frame then I discover there are no hooks on the back of the frame for hanging.  Yeah.

I seem to have gotten a little off topic this 30 days thing again. It's probably a self-protective mechanism.

Chance is the light of my life.  Bare bones time.  We all, everyone of us, have our fears for our personal safety... and those get so much more magnified when you have a child.  Those fears aren't for yourself any longer but for the ones whose hearts may break.  For the ones who might have to live without you.  (Unthinkable but easier to entertain than the truly unbearable.)  I'd always rather be the one hurt, the one in pain, the one who sacrifices... as long as my son is healthy and happy and safe.  You never know what you are truly capable of, the depths and heights of what you would do, until you have someone you are living for the way you live for a child.   

It puts a premium on safety and health. And photos. :)

Now I gotta go before I start crying.



Beautiful post--the last paragraph is especially moving!

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

My oldest took a clothes line on the basketball court the other night and I thought I was going to puke for him when I watched him hit the floor and his head slam back. He brushed it off, 'no big thing, Mom,' but I still have residual aftershocks thinking about that and any pain my kids would endure because I hate the idea of them hurting in any way. They do have a way, don't they?

the weirdgirl

Scott - thanks!

FADKOG - Ugh! That makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it! Sometimes I think they draw pain to them like static. I hate it!

J. Noel

You need more you can experience true horror.

I still remember Chance sitting in the sink!

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