30 Days of Truth - Day 5 (on resolutions)
Hygiene schmygiene

Jeopardy question: How to turn the science fair into a life lesson

Also accepted: How to scare the bejeebus out of your children with education.


Me, typing on the computer and peering at the Science Fair Handbook (capital letters, please):  "So are you sure you want to do the science fair?"

Chance: "Uh-huh."

Me: "Remember, they're not letting anyone do volcanoes this year."  (Volcanoes... THE reason to do science fairs.)

Chance, swishing saliva around his mouth: "Yes, I want to do it."

Me, more typing and peering: "OK, so let's look at some project ideas."

Chance: swish swish swish gurgle gurgle gurgle

Me: "We could do something with plants? Or how about magnets?"

Chance: "Mmmm." swish swish gurgle

Me: "Well let me look up this other site and see..."

Chance, leaning over, then sitting up. Swishing has ceased.

Me: "Did you just SPIT on the carpet?!?"

Chance: "Uhhh..." Frantic cleaning follows.

Me, watching the frantic cleaning. "I know... why don't we do a science project about SPIT?" <sarcasm> <heavy>

Chance, grin splitting wide: "OK!!"

Obviously someone doesn't believe me about the germ factor. Prepare to have your mind blown, little dude.  (I hope.)                 - wg



I am ALL for scaring children thru education!! I hope it goes well!!



That's classic!

I say go for it--you can't get more original than that! With your help, he could present all kinds of facts about saliva, especially the purpose of it. Furthermore, he could have other students spit into collection jars--then examine their saliva through a microscope, to actually see the germs!

I'm serious!

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