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I present to you... SOCKTOPUSSY!!

Socktopus 002

... stuffed with panties!

Because really, two things that end up in landfills are socks and undies.  And you know, some of those things were good to me, they were comfy and we had a deep and committed relationship, and I don't think I should throw it all away because a little hole appears in the heel or maybe fabric runs up my butt.  So I took some of my favorite pairs of socks (and panties) and turned them into a cuddly toy.  

Somehow, making an octopus seemed less intimidating than a monkey.

Before you get all EEWWW! and GERMS! just know that everything is washed and washable.  Geez.  In the old days people would have saved up all their fabric scraps to stuff into pillows and mattresses, and then you would have been sleeping on someone's panties!  Think about that. 

Besides this socktopus is for our home, made out of our home's goods.

However, I bet if someone started selling socktopussies stuffed with panties there'd be a niche market for that somewhere.             - wg



I would totally buy one....or accept one as a X'mas present (with jam of course).


Now that is cool! Was it hard to make?



i would buy one! I think its cute!


Hate to reinforce the most common stereotype about my gender--but this post is filled with language that honest-to-God turns me on!

the weirdgirl

Godmother - Ha! Now you're on my list. Sucker.

Mishelle - It wasn't too hard to make, but I hand-stitched it which makes my margin or error go WAY down. I've realized that I can sew by hand OK (miracle of miracles), it's using a sewing machine that really screws me. Basically, I used four socks to make this and I cut the tube part of the socks in half length-wise to make the tentacles. I used one toe part of the sock for the head. Tip: embroider the face before sewing on the legs.

Tracy - Thanks! Even with the panties?

Scott - There's that niche market! Now go take a cold shower.


This is a totally marketable idea! They did a study about panties that were scented with different things and sent them to inmates. They did peanut butter, cheese, chocolate, lemon, perfume among others but the #1 scent, tuna. Eww!

So, make Octopussies scented and voila! Cha-ching, cha-ching!

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