S is for Superstitious, M is for Meow
30 Days of Truth - Day One

Robot Building part 2

I am not done with the robot yet...

... but I'm almost done.  A few more details (kindly disregard any pieces of tape you see) and I gotta bolt everything together.  I think I also need to take a sharpie and make those into angry eyes.  What do you think?

Holy cheesy B-flicks Batman!

Robot 2 001

My mission is to destroy...

Robot 2 001

Oh hey dude, what's up?

Robot 2 001

High five!

Robot 2 001

Um... are you looking at my lights?!

Robot 2 001

Not cool, dude.

Special thanks to those who suggested toy grabbers for hands. I found some at Target for $2.50 a pop! Score!                     - wg