Self-fulfilling prophesies
This is not a new criticism but...

There is cute done right and cute done wrong

I STILL have a pile of BlogHer 10 stuff to go through; the cards, the info pamphlets, the tchotchkes.  I was feeling guilty about it but I decided that guilt is unproductive.  See how healthy I'm getting (as I scarf oreos efficiently in front of the TV)?  Also, my office has been an oven with the heat so in general it looks, shall we say, uncleaned?  For several, ahem, weeks.  

Which is WAY better than the months it used to wait before.

Anyway, our kitten/half-grown cat for some unknown reason likes to hang out amid my dusty clutter and guess what was the one thing she decided to pull out of the BlogHer pile as a toy?

40th_soccer 021

Yeah. Stimey's mouse tape measure!

What? Did you think it was going to be something from the sex session?

40th_soccer 021


                        - wg



This is the best ever. I LOVE that second photo.

I also still have a big ol' pile of stuff that I still have to go through. I imagine that I'll have that accomplished by, say, February.

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