Floaty, pounding
You know when you work out and then your muscles are sore? Like that, but in the stomach

In which building begins and other miscellaneous things

We are all mending. Chance's inflated eyeball is back to normal and (I think) I'm over the worst. It's supposed to be 103 degrees here today so I figure if any of us are going to feel crappy again it'll be then.  I'm betting a lot of people are going to be camped out at Baskin Robbins.

Robot building! Part 1.

Dell, thank you for donating a box for the body of my robot, and now that I've built a robot please bite its shiny metal ass in rememberance of the crapilicious computer you sent me and argued about every single time it needed service. Also, don't think I didn't notice that when my extended warranty ran out you "forgot" to call me for a renewal just because I was the 1 person in 1000 to make you fulfill that warranty completely. But your box? I will admit, the box is pretty decent.

Robot 003

Plumbing ducting makes it look authentic!  Danger, Will Robinson!

(Yes, that is a trampolene I'm using as a workbench.)

Robot 003

On another note, I stumbled upon this site, Apples and VCRs, "an aggregate of the curious", and I'm getting a real kick out of it.  Especiallly this ad which was featured on the site:

heathen commercial from spencer hansen on Vimeo.

Ha! Leather hugs!

            - the weirdgirl


The Phoenix

You're the fourth person this week that's complained about Dell. Huh.

Great robot! Have you figured out what to do for hands? Are you going to put lights on (in) him? You could buy battery operated Christmas lights and stick them through some holes from the inside to make the robot light up. Make 'em blink, even.

the weirdgirl

Phoenix - I wasn't going to do lights, just wires and buttons and such (it is supposed to be a "dead" robot), but since every single man in my life seems obsessed with lights on a robot and keeps bringing it up I guess I'll put them in. Damn!

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