Swimwear Must Die '10

Sew anyway

Now that Keen has lost so much weight he has this pile of clothes that are waaaay too big.  Literally, it's a pile because I was all, "Hey, can I have some of your t-shirts that don't fit anymore?!" And he was, "Uh, why?" And I was like, "Because I can cut up your shirts into tank tops and things!" And then we stopped talking like teenagers and he pulled out way more clothes than I expected into this huge pile of recyclable materials that I could dumpster dive into to my heart's content.

(OK, I didn't really stop talking like a teenager.)

So I've been really into the whole idea of recycling/reusing clothes. I've seen some amazing, creative work by other fabric artists (they're called that, right?) and I think it's a perfect solution when you get bored by your wardrobe (like I do) and it's environmentally healthy (bonus!) and you also increase the chance that you'll make a cool, unique article of clothing, which I love.  You know me, in general I really like clothes and designers. 

Except... I'm a little scared of sewing.

It's not that I'm terribly, horribly bad at sewing, but I'm not very good either and it makes me nervous.  Or at least, working up to the actual sewing makes me nervous, and threading the needles make me nervous, and cutting the material makes me nervous, but once I actually start working on a project I'm OK.  Sort of.  Kind of like doing math.  However, I'm also frequently gripped with an intense desire to MAKE something, with my hands, which usually involves materials other than, well, material.  Like metal, so it's OK.  I get my making fix elsewhere.  Also at the moment I am trying NOT to shop, because I want to save money for BlogHer (hello! New York!)

But at the same time I'm going to BlogHer.  Hello? Want new outfits!  (What? At least, I admit it.)

So here I am... trying not to shop, a little bored with my wardrobe, an itching desire to MAKE SOMETHING (and oh my god, this feeling is totally why Frankenstein was created) that just keeps building, and a big pile of usable material right in front of me. See?

  Keen's clothes 003

Sooooo... I'm going to try some projects, attempt some cute tops, maybe even wear them to BlogHer. Even though I'm scared (a little) that I will crash and burn.  That could be a totally new button for them... "I'm going to BlogHer in DIY clothes," or "I went to BlogHer as a craft project gone wrong."  Whichever.  I'm sure it'll be fine.  Even though I love clothes and designers, I have no pretension of actually being a designer. I was thinking more that I could cut down some of Keen's old tees into this shape...

  Keen's clothes 001

...which is a $15 dollar drapey tank from Forever 21 that I love! Seriously, it's all soft and flowy and versatile, and as you can see the material conversion should be pretty close. So I figure if I can get a couple more of these out of his t-shirts I'll be pretty happy.  Maybe I'll also try a tank I saw at Anthropologie that was the same shape but done in panels of different materials.  And then I'll get cocky from my success and I'll try something else that may or may not work (but I'll probably think it works because of my inflated sewing ego) and I'll keep tripping merrily down a path of textile danger and YOU will get to watch the whole accident-mesmerizing journey.

I'm sure it'll be fine.  

But if I come up with something really hideous for NY, you'll tell me right?

              - the weirdgirl


Lori at Spinning Yellow

I can't wait to see what you some up with!! This sounds very positive that you will make it to NY!! YAY! How is your grandfather doing? I am getting so excited to see you! Hey, did you get invited to the Nikon thing? I burst out laughing when I saw the email b/c I haven't been blogging & never post photos on my blog - I am so NOT their target client!

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I haven't sewn for years. Years and years! After a successful summer in 4H during my youth, my mom thought it would be fun to buy me a sewing machine for Christmas instead of the stereo I desperately wanted. I barely used it because every time I did sew, all I could think about was my foot slamming down on the pedal, causing the needle to fly up and down right through my hand that I, of course, didn't have time to yank away from the machine. Add in the fact that you have to measure and good God, that's math, and, well, let's just say that last week, I had to ask my mom to sew a button onto a pair of pants I can wear again.

Long story short, I wish you luck!


With so much material there's plenty of room for practice. Even though the '80s style will probably come back again and again, I finally gave up the large shirt that I made in 9th grade sewing class to Good Will. All proof that I can sew is gone, but I grew out of it by 12th grade. Damnit! But I know you can sew. Show us pictures before the trip.


Hey I've been posting pictures of what I wear everyday and there are some real stinkers in there. I know you can do better than that. You've kind of got me wishing I had a sewing machine, now. I used to actually make (and wear!) my own clothes, but nothing creative--always very much from a pattern.

new era hats

It is a very beautiful!

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