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busy mom on the go... gag!

Today we're: seeing a preview of Despicable Me, going to the county fair

We're just traveling too much.  I've decided to start listing each place we're going because I'm having trouble keeping up.  Plus, I kind of need the reminders to remember how to blog.  You ever get to that tired and fuzzy state?  You know you're doing stuff but you just can't remember what.

Actually, yesterday was supposed to be the county fair but my glasses came in!  Woot! I will post pictures soon.  Right now I'm blogging in a bathrobe. (Yeah, I'm naked. Deal.)  I was smart this time and got a backup pair.  The only disappointing aspect was I couldn't find another pair in tortoiseshell.  Of course, they discontinued the ones that broke.  But I still feel confident my new glasses are projecting nerdy chic! 

Because you know when you're a blind, naked, slightly haggard mom... image is everything.

Coming soon... Swimwear Must Die 2010!

                      - the weirdgirl


Fearless yet charmed

You know what I hate about getting old? Or one of the many things? Bruising. I didn't use to bruise easy. But now? I swear my child pokes me with a plush toy and I bruise like a stripper who's profit margins are dropping.

Anywho, here I am on the beach tanning like only a bruised up stripper can when my boy comes running up yelling about "this cool bug". He's holding a fucking black wasp in his hands!! Maybe even a horse fly! Whatever it was it flew off before I could properly freak out. Without stinging.

And that's vacation with my kid.

Posted inadequately from my iPhone.

The week of five minute posts

We're in Tahoe. It's a lake. In the mountains. Internet connection is always spotty. Would it be weird if I start only posting at 3:00 in the morning?  Because I swear I think up great posts when I'm asleep.  Plus, it is fricking DRY up here!  It's hard to sleep when you're drying like a raisin.  I gotta tell you, I'm not feeling like "nature's candy".  But I'd love to be candy!  Maybe I should add that to the bucket list. So that would make the list:

1. publish a book

2. travel

3. learn to fly

4. be that old lady with blue/peach/purple hair

5. become candy

Not too shabby if you ask me! 

Until 3:00 am (or whatever)... weirdgirl signing out!

She paints her face

In the past few weeks the following things have broken:

1. some siding on the house

2. our dishwasher (I love washing dishes in scorching heat.)

3. the shower - both the faucets and the door

4. my new glasses!  In HALF!  And they've been discontinued!  *sniff (but also angry)*

What is not broken, what is wonderfully fixed is this:

  House painted 002 

Up close and personal so you can see the color.  I'm all about color.

  House painted 003 

And for comparison a slightly dated "before" shot.  


A little lipstick goes a long way, wouldn't you agree?

           - wg

On gothy before and afters

Confession... I totally pee with the door open.  It's been a bit weird, being an open door pee-er, with the painters tapping and creeping around the house. Maybe I should take this opportunity to break myself of this bad habit?  Nah.  I'll just do a combo of holding my bladder, scurrying around, and switching off bathrooms.  Doesn't that sound like more fun than closing a door?

Our house is slowly turning blue.  (And it's not the only one holding its breath!  Ha!  I kill me.) Of course, I forgot to take before pictures. Keen and I both are horrible about before pictures.  It didn't occur to Keen to take a picture before he started dieting (or maybe he just didn't want to) and now he's lost 75 pounds!  He's getting positively bony.  I kind of want to feed him a cookie.  Except that would screw with the diabetes.  Oh yeah, I never mentioned that, did I?  Well, Keen was diagnosed diabetic, along with high cholesterol and blood pressure, back in November.  That was his kick in the butt to get in shape, but he didn't really want to talk about it until he made/saw some changes.  Since then, (as you all know 'cause I keep bragging), he's lost the weight and all his meds have been slowly reduced.  At his last appointment his doctor told him if his numbers are stable in the next 6 months he'll be off everything!  Even the diabetes medicine!  Go Keen!

Anywho. Keen's weight has nothing to do with any of that.  About the house I mean, not the peeing.  I'm just excited.  And I haven't had quite enough caffeine yet.  I think I'll be able to scare up an old photo of the house but it might be one from Halloween, which will make for a weird before and after, don't you think?  So if you come back here and see one photo all goth and spooky and another that's all gingerbread cheerful... you'll know the house painting is done.  I don't know if I can scare up a similar picture of Keen in goth, even though that would be fricking awesome

(When he reads this he's totally going to roll his eyes.  He leaves most of the alternative stuff to me, you know.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go scurry and pee.

                - wg

What happened

Thursday my car got broken in to.  But not really "broken" per se because the thief or thieves had an easy time of it as it turns out my car was left unlocked.



So I'm taking inventory amidst the mess. Oh yes, they left a mess. For a minute I thought they took my insurance card and registration and I was all like, "What the fuck?  Is there some new identity theft scam involving registration cards that would totally not work because everything is run through license plates?" Yeah, I think all detective-like when my shit is stolen.  And for a while there I was more concerned with having to possibly deal with the DMV than with the police and robbers lurking around the neighborhood.  But then I found all my car insurance cards.  Whew!  Crisis averted.  Luckily, I don't keep much crap in my car (except for the unending supply of snack wrappers and Starbuck's cups).  They took some music CDs (jerks), my iPhone charger/FM tuner (damnit), and a bunch of purses I was planning on giving away that were in the trunk (and how did they know how to pop the trunk from the inside when I don't even know how to do that?) so I hope those went to a good home.  And you know, it's a bad economy so someone may have really needed to clean out my change dish.  In a way I paid it forward.  Or made an economic donation.  Or something.  They also left Chance's booster seat for which I was grateful.

Not too bad.  Irksome, but then again, there were no broken windows!

THEN... the next day I realized... they took my canvas grocery bags! 

That's when I got pissed.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck?!  They're grocery bags. You had to take my grocery bags?  I had worked up quite a collection of very nice canvas bags.  I mean, sure, right now I only remember to use them when I go to Trader Joe's but we're getting closer and closer to a plastic bag ban at grocery stores around here and I fully intended to use those bags regularly at some unnamed point in the future!  If you're bad off economically and need to steal, fine, but seriously don't you think I need to grocery shop too?!  Bastards.

Plus, a lot of those bags were from BlogHer!  Those were damn nice bags!  Not to mention the sentimental value.  *sniff*  I had at least one from every year.  Where am I going to find a Chicago '07 bag to proudly shop with at Trader Joe's now?  And have my poor BlogHer bags been turned to a life of crime?!

Anyway... if anyone going to BlogHer '10 this year wants to get rid of their bags... come find me, I'll take them. 

             - the weirdgirl

Drop Dead Diva

Right before we left for vacation I was offered an opportunity to review the first season of the series Drop Dead Diva.  This is one of those shows I was always interested in but never got a chance to check out.  I think due to scheduling conflicts with other programs or one of my various (obviously short-lived) resolutions DDD_3D_DVD SLIPCASE to stop watching so much television or something.  

Anyway.  I've been watching the show since we got back and I really like it, mainly because Brooke Elliot, who plays the main character, Jane, is SO DAMN FUN to watch.  Since she's an early 20-something model trapped in the body of a lawyer she does a bit of that legally blonde thing... but a lot more charming.  It's a good formula to explore issues around weight, and body image stereotypes in general, without being heavy handed.  Since Keen has lost so much weight himself recently, and was a successful professional - who was heavy - for a long time, some of these same issues have come up in our own household.  It's nice to see a media outlet that is exploring how complicated the social aspects around body image and perception can be, not just treating weight as a black and white issue.

In general I think the program has a good deal of heart but balances it with some fun.  The only character that I'm not sure is working is the guardian angel, Fred.  I think he was supposed to offset Jane's insights about herself and be a prop to explore other relationships but he just comes off too much like a clueless college kid.  And it seems he has disappeared from season two so I guess the producers agree (??).    

So anyway, I've watched a couple of preview shows of season two plus most of season one, which came out on DVD June 1st.  Drop Dead Diva's season two starts this Sunday and I'm definitely going to watch it over the summer. 

I'm starting to like summer TV so much better than the rest of the year (Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Psych).  There's just something about the "off season" programming that I find more interesting.  Maybe the producers are willing to take more risks in summer.  Maybe it's more about entertainment and less about heavy drama.  Whatever it is, I like it.

What are you watching?

              - the weirdgirl

Of things lost and found

We are back from Hawaii!

  Hawaii 3 and kitten 012 

And we have a new kitten!

Hawaii 3 and kitten 020 

No, we didn't find her on the plane.  Kittens can't fly planes!  (Ooh, that sounds like a children's book in the making.)  She does like to move though. It was hard getting her to hold still long enough for a semi-decent picture. Sort of like Chance our entire trip.

Hawaii 3 and kitten 025 

Hawaii 3 and kitten 027

She is a bright spot in our post-trip wind-down. Especially after Tivo sorely let me down.  It's not that it didn't tape our shows, it did.  But what utter crap was airing last week!  First that ridiculous Lost ending... with the butt plug of hell being yanked out and then shoved back in and the K-Y heavenly "light" splashing everywhere... but remember, the producers have insisted it's not about heaven and hell... or a dream... even though the entire last season basically ended up that way.... which teaches me, as a writer, that I don't actually have to write in a manner that makes any sense as long as I throw in some alchy christian character and an angry pillar of smoke... all very unmetaphorical, of course, up until the very end where suddenly they ARE metaphorical!  If you do that, as well as some mushy music swelling up in the background, then it's OK you can write anything.  And then after the Lost ending that sounded mysteriously like a violent 6-year-old had told it... "and then they fought and he hit him over and over and then the bad man died and then the island started breaking apart! and then the man put the plug back in and then it was all right. The End"... after that... Crystal Bowersox didn't win Idol!  Even though she clearly schooled Lee.

So yeah, having the kitten around has been really fun and I think will make the summer very entertaining.  She is an exceptionally sweet and playful cat.  Someone abandoned her outside an apartment complex, small and full of fleas and having the BEST TEMPERAMENT! 

Which just goes to show that people are crazy.

Now how do I get crazy enough to get a job like J.J. Abrams?

           - the weirdgirl