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She paints her face

In the past few weeks the following things have broken:

1. some siding on the house

2. our dishwasher (I love washing dishes in scorching heat.)

3. the shower - both the faucets and the door

4. my new glasses!  In HALF!  And they've been discontinued!  *sniff (but also angry)*

What is not broken, what is wonderfully fixed is this:

  House painted 002 

Up close and personal so you can see the color.  I'm all about color.

  House painted 003 

And for comparison a slightly dated "before" shot.  


A little lipstick goes a long way, wouldn't you agree?

           - wg



Looks beautiful :-)


Your house is lovely. Great color. Color always adds do much character.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

The color is beautiful. Really brings your house to life. Also, I want to come live in your sun room/porch. Let's DO THIS!


body scrub

This is cool.

Vanilla body scrub

I agree. Little lipstick goes a long way.

Coconut body scrub

BTW, You have a nice house.


That's lovely!

Katies Uncle Rick

Who wears blue lipstick?


Ooooohhhhhhh I LOVE the blue! Such a great house!! I'm jealous!

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