Fearless yet charmed
And then

busy mom on the go... gag!

Today we're: seeing a preview of Despicable Me, going to the county fair

We're just traveling too much.  I've decided to start listing each place we're going because I'm having trouble keeping up.  Plus, I kind of need the reminders to remember how to blog.  You ever get to that tired and fuzzy state?  You know you're doing stuff but you just can't remember what.

Actually, yesterday was supposed to be the county fair but my glasses came in!  Woot! I will post pictures soon.  Right now I'm blogging in a bathrobe. (Yeah, I'm naked. Deal.)  I was smart this time and got a backup pair.  The only disappointing aspect was I couldn't find another pair in tortoiseshell.  Of course, they discontinued the ones that broke.  But I still feel confident my new glasses are projecting nerdy chic! 

Because you know when you're a blind, naked, slightly haggard mom... image is everything.

Coming soon... Swimwear Must Die 2010!

                      - the weirdgirl




Hee. I got new frames too. My husband refers to me as "the librarian" now but I dig 'em. They're very un-me.

How's the fair? I've been thinking about popping up there.

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