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Hey look, it's fascist mom!

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I'm ready for school to be over and summer to begin.  I need a change in routine.  More importantly, I think Chance needs a change, too. 

A lot of kids with sensory issues struggle with transitions.  They really like their routines unchanged, and there are a lot of strategies around how to deal with this.  However with Chance, I've noticed that if I don't shake things up every once in a while, if he's not challenged then he slips back into bad behavior habits.  Rather like, "Wow, now that I'm completely comfortable in all my environments, even a little bored maybe, I think it's time to defy authority."

For example, just yesterday I made Chance dinner and put a slice of bread on the plate.  Then when I went to make my own plate I noticed the bread was moldy.  Whoops.  So I called out...

Me: "Hey Chance, give me your bread. I think it's bad."

Chance: "Why?"

Me, walking into the room: "I think the bread's bad, hon; I need to check. Give it to me, please."

And Chance, instead of handing it to me, TOOK A BIG BITE!  

Then my head spun around a few times and I vomited freak out words, plus yelling.  Then he got sent to his room and there was some more yelling.  And there were some tears and a general impression that there would be dire, dire consequences, plus drama, to any continued disobedience.

A few of you might be thinking, "Wow, overreact much?" but seriously?  He didn't even look at the bread, he just assumed he knew better (because five-year-olds know everything) and he completely disregarded me.  This has been happening a lot recently but that was the first time where it could have made him physically ill.  (I know, it was only mold, but what if it wasn't?!)  You know, I can deal with the typical kid challenges to authority.  In theory, I even like a good, independent spirit and self-thinker.  But when those challenges turn into potentially unsafe behavior... I kind of lose it.  I mean, what's next?  I yell, "Stop, look out?" and he runs in front of a truck anyway?  

Keen always says, "Don't even go there; you're just worrying yourself. Why do that?" 

Because I'm a mom, that's why.

So anywho, all this boils down to I think we need a big change in routine.  We've got Chance's graduation on Friday and then we're ending the school year early and going on vacation.  When we get back I'm changing up his OT ( we need to work on some new specific skills) and starting some new challenging activities.  I honestly think he's just so comfortable in his current routines he isn't feeling the pressure of consequences when he's acts out.  You know what I mean?  He knows all his teacher's buttons, and grandparents in general are pushovers.  Yeah, I might (maybe, possibly) have my own buttons/control issues but I still recognize and manage the differences between his SPD and his behavioral issues better than anyone else.  I need Chance with me some more so I can keep him on his toes.  Unfortunately, a sad fact of kid life is that obedience is necessary.  

If only for his parents' sanity.

             - the weirdgirl

Needing some super powers

We're getting ready for a family vacation in just over a week.  I totally feel like I'm forgetting something.  And not like in a, "Hey, have I checked my Zombie Farm lately?"  More like, "Oh my god, I totally forgot about the zombie in my backyard!  And I totally pulled out all these records so that I could decapitate it in an entertaining way!  Dude, where's the cat?!" 

Chance graduates preschool next week.  At least, if he managed to make up all those credits he missed during his unfortunate "partying" stage.  Word to the wise... co-ed toddlers... not a good idea.  Not everyone's completely potty-trained and the distractions are endless.  And don't even get me started on the bad influence of preschool fraternities.

At the same time, all this stuff for kindergarten is due right now... including last minute parent participation meetings.  What?  We also have a few house projects that kind of need to be done and/or organized before we go anywhere.  So I just know there's something vital I'm forgetting. 

I need a Bronte sister. I need a Bronte sister now.  

And for you IRL friends, any reminders would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

               - Mary

Got guidance?

We canceled our newspaper subscription and now I find I never know what the weather is going to be.  Or the news.  I am sadly ill informed.  I should be watching it but I find the news on television is 1) more depressing and 2) too fucking slow.  I want to speed read through all the pertinent items and avoid the fluff, and then I want to read the comics to negate the horror.  Ironically, for as much time as I spend on the Internet, I haven't gotten in the habit of reading news feeds regularly.  Part of this might be because I keep screwing up Google alerts.  I know, how do you manage to screw up a Google alert (you weirdo)?  I don't know, but I know I have because I KNOW there's a lot more news stories about aliens than I'm getting.

The UFO type of aliens. Not immigrants.

I would like to give a big shout out to all the mom's out there!  I hope everyone got their heart's delight in goodies. I tried coming up with something inspirational to write. But I failed.  Too many writing projects I'm juggling.  The mind taps out.   However....

...maybe I can come up with something improv inspired instead?  Any takers?  Throw out a few random words and let's see what sticks. 

           - wg

The day I was going to sleep in

At 6:22 by my clock (which is really 6:12 because I do that ridiculous thing where I set the clock ten minutes ahead in a sad attempt to be on time (or at least, get another free hit on the snooze button)) Chance comes charging in to my room.  He zips to the bed, then to the bathroom, then to the walk-in closet, then back to the bed like an errant hummingbird on speed, and in my groggy state I knew he was looking for Keen.  Keen was in Vegas for training, but normally if Chance woke up early he went right to his dad.  (Those damn morning people always stick together.)  Of course, Chance normally woke up no earlier than 7:00 and sometimes as late as 7:45!  Which is kind of what I was counting on.

See, yesterday was preschool and a lunch playdate and swimming.  Today was an open day.  I wasn't planning on doing much of anything until lunch time, at least.  

So I mumbled something to him along the lines of stop jumping on the bed and why don't you go play DS until mommy wakes up.  Yeah, I'm that mom.  Deal.

7:25 (which is 7:15, you're with me on that, right?) - thump STOMP STOMP STOMP up the stairs

Me (still groggy): "Chance? Are you wearing shoes?"

Chance: "Yes Mommy!"

Me: "Hey, don't open any doors, OK?  I haven't turned off the alarm yet."  (For the record, that statement I just uttered is a vast improvement because usually I set off the alarm accidentally at least once every time Keen is out of town. It's my job to turn it on in the evening.  It's HIS job to turn it off.)

Chance:  "Mommy, guess what?  I'm not just wearing shoes... I got dressed!  AND I got my own Cheerios!  And I ate them all because those will give me energy!  Because I want to get to school sooner today."

Me:  "You got... dressed?!"

Chance: " Yes!  I'm all ready!  Because I want to go to school and play with my best bud!!"  Chance climbs onto the bed where he harasses the cat with excessive fidgeting.

Me:  "But kiddo... can you stop jumping please?  Leave the cat alone!... it's great that you got ready," (which never ever ever happens), "but there's no school today."

If I had been marginally more awake I would have made him go do his homework sheets before telling him.

            - the weirdgirl