The day I was going to sleep in
Needing some super powers

Got guidance?

We canceled our newspaper subscription and now I find I never know what the weather is going to be.  Or the news.  I am sadly ill informed.  I should be watching it but I find the news on television is 1) more depressing and 2) too fucking slow.  I want to speed read through all the pertinent items and avoid the fluff, and then I want to read the comics to negate the horror.  Ironically, for as much time as I spend on the Internet, I haven't gotten in the habit of reading news feeds regularly.  Part of this might be because I keep screwing up Google alerts.  I know, how do you manage to screw up a Google alert (you weirdo)?  I don't know, but I know I have because I KNOW there's a lot more news stories about aliens than I'm getting.

The UFO type of aliens. Not immigrants.

I would like to give a big shout out to all the mom's out there!  I hope everyone got their heart's delight in goodies. I tried coming up with something inspirational to write. But I failed.  Too many writing projects I'm juggling.  The mind taps out.   However....

...maybe I can come up with something improv inspired instead?  Any takers?  Throw out a few random words and let's see what sticks. 

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I use Google reader, and I subscribe to the RSS feed. For comics, nothing beats - so I subscribe to that, too. And about 150 blogs. Add the Accuweather app, and you've covered all the needs you mentioned above. :)

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

We don't get the daily newspaper anymore, either. Canceled it when it took about 20 minutes to go through the whole thing looking for something in it to read. Also, thanks to the DVR and recorded episodes of 'Bakugan,' I never get to watch the news, either. Basically, I get my news about two weeks late and only after my Mom brings something up in conversation and I look at her completely dumbstruck. Seriously. I mean, I hear we have a black president. Is that true?!

You damn well better believe, though, that Yahoo better alert my ass up and down if there's some Bigfoot action going on!


The only time I buy is a newspaper is when I know I'm going to be waiting somewhere & will need something to occupy me. And then it's always USA Today because of their kick-ass puzzle section.

Luckily, I married a weatherfreak, so I don't need to keep up with that kind of crap.


I went from getting a ton of alerts to a trickle and I am so happy for that. Not as much crap. We turn on the TV news so that I can read the scroll, and somewhere in there is weather. There are weather widgets for your toolbar, too.

Sometimes I wonder if you're just trying to do a little psych profile when you ask for random words... spike, badger, chimney, shift, experiment, contrive, window. Did I pass?

the weirdgirl

Amy - thanks! Those are some useful links! Maybe I'll get all educated and informed now.

FADKOG - I seriously think you're my long lost twin.

Chag - Keen is kind of a weatherfreak, too. Except that we have really lousy weather people here in California. They're wrong a lot. I figure all the top of their class weather people must go to where all the tornadoes and hurricanes are, not to this boring sunshine state.

Jeanne - my psyche profile or yours? Ha ha!


Need I say ... "There's an app for that." The default weather app and various news apps are how I keep up. Along with the Today show teaser (1st 30 seconds of the show). I use Netvibes ( for feeds. I follow way too many. I am using it now.


" the comics to negate the horror"--that's an instant classic!

As for UFO's, I realized a while back that UFO's definitely exist, and that everyone believes in UFO's. We see Unidentified Flying Objects in the night sky all the time. The question is whether they're spacecraft from other planets. Personally, I believe in the possibility that some of them are. For all we know, this universe (there could be other universes) is infinite. Given that, it's far more than probable that there are other sentient beings, elsewhere--even if not in our own galaxy.

And as for Mothers' Day, according to Paul Harvey, the woman who started Mothers' Day was not a mother, herself--she was unable to have children!

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