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Easter always makes me think of transitions.  (This is where I wax poetic, "Spwing! Spwing is what bwings us together...")   Recently, one project has tragically ended (crash and burn style) and another has gloriously begun.  Between the two I've neglected posting a bit. Or reading.  Ahem.

I'm still hoping I can work something out in the future for that first project, but this new project I am damn excited about!  I am writing for a new pop culture site started by Cynical Dad!  It's covers pop culture from the 80s to today.  Dare I say it is sweet?  Well, it is!  It is funny, warm, and clever and it has a great group of writers.  I've been really enjoying writing for them and I hope you'll come give us a visit.

Introducing... Culture Brats!    (Doesn't that logo look all superhero-esque?)


On a completely different note, (but still within the theme (I mean, of transitions, not the 80s)) I registered Chance for kindergarten today!  Yay!  That means I'm done!  Finally!  Except for buying uniforms.  And, you know, the anxiety come August.

But for now?  It's all golden.

           - the weirdgirl



I took a look, left a comment. I see they're wanting to remake "Real Genius"? Why? It's bad enough they're remaking all the horror films--now they've got to remake the comedies? What is it--are they just running out of new ideas?

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