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How once again being cheap bites me in the ass

You know how you get those telemarketing calls (or knocks on the door) from contracting companies?  For example, the utilities company calling to offer a free evaluation about your furnace's energy efficiency?

I am a total sucker for those free estimates. 

This year I've had estimates done about our furnace, about installing solar panels, for getting our house repainted, and for a bathroom remodel.  The bathroom remodel is the only one we requested.  We really need a bathtub put in the downstairs bathroom.  Chance is still not sold on showers. 

By the way, if any companies out there do window replacement and there is a energy credit involved yes, I will schedule an estimate. (See? I have a problem.)

I just figure with all the credits the government is throwing around, and the fact that I don't have to pay for those estimates, it is beneficial to me to be educated about how much this shit costs.  Right?  Because there is always a point where those projects change from nice-to-have add-ons to more about necessary maintenance.   


So me and Keen had both figured that adding the bathtub was at the top of the list (based on us assuming there will be one major house project every year or two).  However, a young lady came to the door offering a house painting estimate and since that was also on my list and I can't resist free we had that done.  The last time I had inspected our house was before winter.  There were some cracks and flaking but not too bad considering it's a 100-year-old house and the last paint job was probably 20 years ago.

Walking around the house now, after rainy season with a few really hot days thrown in?  Warping freaking boards! 


OK, just one board... but still!  That is a moisture breach!  Plus, there was a lot more cracking.  It's worrisome.

So guess what's top of the list now? 

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foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

The top of my list is truly a top. We need to re-roof the house, which is so awesome considering the house is less than 15 years old. We have a list of contractors to call, but the mere idea of how horrifying the number will be means we just pretend a little while longer that we don't need it!

Katies Uncle Rick

Do you get free estimates from hot naked contractors?


A century-old house--that must be cool! I love those old houses--they're made so much better than today's, and they're full of stories (if you could only hear them)! And nuances like creaking boards--my house was built in 1956, and there are several of those. But I like them--they're charming, in a way. Like a good friend's idiosyncracies, they just make my house more unique and lovable!

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