How once again being cheap bites me in the ass
The day I was going to sleep in

Breakfast of Champions

Keen is hovering around 70 pounds of weight lost!  He's officially "stopped" dieting but he's totally addicted to working out now so I don't think the teeny tiny additional amount of food he's let back into his diet (which includes indulging in chips at Shark's games) is making an iota of difference.  He is a thorough convert to the church of healthy living. 

I, however, have gained five pounds since he started dieting.


Let's review.  (Since I promised to share some of his meal tips and have, of course, slacked.)

Keen's breakfast:  (dun dun DAH!)

vanilla soy milk with high fiber cheerios    -or-

high fiber yogurt mixed with multi-grain oatmeal

plus 2 fiber pills

(Because fiber fills you up so you don't feel as hungry.)

My breakfast (as of this morning):

cheese stick, lemon cookie, and grande chai latte with all milk

Hmmm, I wonder what the problem is?

            - the weirdgirl



Amy had one of your lemon cookies for breakfast, too! With yogurt. So I guess that's somewhere between you two. Now that I'm reading this, I'm going for the last cookie. I'm so proud of your man but not even considering giving up cookies myself.


me too!

Katies Uncle Rick

I think it must be his metabolism is different. LOL


I see no problem with your breakfast. Personally, I went through a period where my breakfast was chocolate chip ice cream.


Certainly your breakfast is not ideal. But if I ate Keen's breakfast--with all that fiber--I'd be sitting on the toilet all day!

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