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What's in your basket?

Her brain is runny, like a cracked egg it is!

This is really dumb but I never remember how to boil eggs.  As in, I never remember the proper cooking time.  Or technique.  I mean besides putting them in water.  But it's not entirely my fault!  I have an egg cooker and trust me, I can work that puppy like a... hard working... puppy.  Anyway, the egg cooker's process involves poking holes in the little eggs' behinds which is not conducive to coloring the eggs.  So once again (just like every year) I'm googling "how to boil eggs".

But I shouldn't have bothered saving their eggy rumps because I just checked the pot and most of them have cracked.  (Heh... "crack"... "rump".)

I am now officially the worst cook of all time.  To be safe someone should confiscate my toaster.  (Also... worst blogger since I'm posting LIVE while boiling eggs!)

Aaaaaand... I just checked the directions of the "tye-dye egg" kit (Chance picked it out) and they're confusing.  I think this kit is French.  Why is everything you buy at Michael's French?  I'm sure the directions make perfect sense when not read in English.  Oy.  This should be fun.

Nothing to do with eggs but here's a little ditty that just won't get out of my head.  Kind of reminds me of Squeeze.   



Put them in cold water, bring to boil. Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat off and leave the pot & eggs there to sit there for 15 mins. They'll be perfect.

the weirdgirl

Winnie - Too late! Put cold eggs in hot water and voila... cracks! Should have remembered my physics.

They tasted fine, though.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

You are not alone in this, lady! I only boil eggs once a year and have to Google the exotic recipe! I'll be back for Winnie's tips!


I'm not fond of eggs at all--never have been! But I definitely enjoying dying them, as a kid! And I always liked the smell of the vinegar we used--I don't know why!

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