It's here again already?

20 years later

Luckily, our first date did not go like this (of course, Keen and I started dating before laptops were around but details, people, details!  Quit reminding me I'm old!).  I also might have been the one wearing the bow tie but you know, that transition between the 80s and grunge was all very confusing.  I take little to no responsibility for any acid wash or oversized menswear I may have been wearing.  Besides, Keen had a fondness for dayglo Ray Bans. 

Didn't you know the test of true love is weathering the fashion faux pas?

Scan0002 cropped

Happy first date anniversary, babe!  Love you.

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katie | motherbumper

Awwwwwwwww that is so awesome. You look like a CHILD! Also, we look kind of alike!

Now I'm inspired to figure out my first date with the SB, not sure if it's the Oktoberfest where he stole my beer or ... oh shoot, it was the Oktoberfest when he stole my beer.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Oh, look at your sweet baby faces! I love this! Every year I jot down on the calendar the anniversary date of when my husband and I met for the first time, and every time I do, I'm amazed at how many its been.


Love this pic, and your guy. Happy anniversary!


I like how you celebrate the anniversary of your first date. So many people do not do this.

The 3rd was our wedding anniversary. We celebrated by my wife trying to get me to go to the doctor and me refusing to go. Fun!

Hope you guys were able to go out and do something cool!


Thanks for 20 great years. You are still the woman of my dreams and always will be. Love you.


Yes indeed, you looked like the intellectual, yet fun, cute type you obviously were (and are). And Keen looked a little chubby (though not nearly as much as I). In other words, you're my kind of girl too--the kind for which I'm searching. Surely there are others. And though I'm almost 44, maybe there's hope for me yet! You both made a very good choice--good luck in the next 20 years!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Happy Anniversary! Wow, so young! Bet that photo takes you right back.

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