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I must be the only person on the planet that doesn't like Bare Minerals!  (It's that swirl, tap, buff, all mineral looks like bare skin makeup so pure you can sleep in it stuff, for those of you who don't know.)  I've been using it about a month because I wanted to try it out (and sometimes your skin needs a while to settle into a new product) but I'm Just. Not. Happy. 

First, I break out.  I am cursed with cyclical zits.  And Mother Nature in her great vindictiveness has decided that I, in peri-menopausal glory, will not only break out right before my period but I will also break out right after I ovulate.  It's her little way of saying, "Hi, how ya doing? By the way, your eggs are getting old and if you don't get knocked up soon I WILL PUNISH YOU!"  So I need a makeup that covers.  Bare Minerals is not covering anything.  

So I go back to the makeup counter and explain the issue and after they've stopped giving me the unbelieving googly eyes they give me another powder that should cover up the "problem areas".  BTW, some of the women using this stuff at the counter looked great, and some of the other ladies, who had obvious acne or other skin issues, looked like they were wearing heavy makeup.  I guess you CAN get it to cover... if you put enough on that it totally shows.  And you're willing to buy it every month.

Then I go home with this other concealing powder and put it on and end up with my zits sort of covered... by blotches of makeup that are a different color from the rest of my face.

But wait, there's more!  It flies everywhere, really messy, and every time a puff of powder migrates away I think "Fly free, money! Fly free!"  It also, as part of the migration, gets in my hair and makes it feel funny.  (My hair has sensitive feelings, you know.  It doesn't like being in uncomfortable social situations.)  But my favorite thing, besides the not covering, is the fact that if I do manage to cover up, say, a healing blemish this powder turns it into a dry, flaky sahara-like blemish that looks as if it might start spontaneously dandruffing on the spot.

I feel SO pretty! 

On top of that, the whole marketing campaign has always kind of worked my nerves.  It being SOOOOO natural and the other makeups as a bunch of chemicals is total spin.  Not that Bare Minerals isn't minerals.  It is.  But most other makeups are also full of the same minerals.  Chemicals in general are made from nature.  Because we can't make up shit out of nothing, you know.  When they say something is "natural", they really mean it's "not processed".  Sometimes.  Sometimes it's still totally processed but they call it natural anyway.   And yes, chemicals are processed but that doesn't necessarily make them bad.  Just like all natural products aren't always good for us.  Give me some of that 100% natural arsenic!  Yeah!

Interestingly, when I asked the ladies at the counter what the ingredients were they had no idea.  Except for titanium.  They knew it had titanium.  (Yeah, you and every other makeup out there.)  They also could not find the marketing materials that listed the ingredients.  When I asked "Isn't it legally required that the ingredients be listed on the bottle?" again I got the unbelieving googly eyes. 

I wonder what they're going to do when I return it?

OK, I'm done bitching.  I'll go buy my old powder now. 

           - the weird needed to rant girl



I tried Nuetragena's version of mineral make up awhile ago. I expierence many of the same issues you do, and I absolutely loathed the stuff. I went back to regular liquid make up, and doubt I'll ever find anything I truly love that is also cost effective.


I also hate Bare're not alone.

I have super sensitive skin...and I love the idea of natural products blah blah blah. But those? So not happy. Made me break out (which I never ever do), and gave me horrid dry scaly patches.

I went back to my old stanbys.


Oh my word - I found your blog via Mom 101 - too funny! I love the way Bare Minerals looks on my skin but 1) I HATE THE FREAKIN MESS and 2) unlike the way it was presented to me, it rubs off on my phone and I'm sorry, you cannot sleep in it. My last complaint is that, as a mother of three young children with not a lot of time to get myself glammed up, it just takes too long. Too many steps.
Great post! Thanks for venting!


Amalah hates Bare Minereals. I for one love it.


HI ya, I had to give that Bare Minerals crap up. My face was getting flakier than grandmas pie crust, not a good look for anyone unless you're an apple.


Ironically, the only thing natural about "natural" products is their cost. If manufacturers really cared about health and the environment, they wouldn't sell their "natural" products at such unreasonable prices. But unfortunately, greed is quite natural for these bastards.

Standtall- The Activist

Happy new year to you.

the weirdgirl

FADKOG - I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! Because when I looked up reviews for it there was nothing but raves to "OKs". No complaints anywhere.

Jess - If it made you break out maybe you had an allergic reaction? That's something they never mention either... even if it's natural that doesn't mean you can't be allergic to it.

Natalie - Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought there were a lot of steps! It just seemed more complicated than it needed to be.

Jodifur - with your gorgeous skin I never suspected you needed makeup at all!

Carla - Ha! Exactly. (Damn, now I want pie.)

Scott - sing on, brother!

Standtall - Happy New Year's! I hope you're well!

You're not alone--I also hate Bare Minerals! My skin varies between extra dry and an oily t-zone and...neither area appreciates Bare Minerals.

I bought a MAC eyeshadow trio from their mineral line and love the coverage, but no powders from any mineral line work with my skin to give me the coverage I want. And trust me, I have tried them all, from the cheap to the wildly expensive. I have a makeup habit.


I also tried the bare minerals and was unhappy. The lady at the counter talked me into getting a powder that was too dark and made me look orange and of course, no returns! SO I went to the MAC counter and got Studio Fix Powder. I am 30 and have crappy skin. It just does whatever it wants. Some days it is oily and some days dry. This powder seems to help a lot. It is a foundation powder with great coverage. Just in case you are interested

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