big changes and a dose of slutty demeanor
Slow and silent but for the clickety clack

Yet another way I've corrupted my husband. Bwa ha ha!

I just wanted to laugh like that.  In fact, I think I will be laughing like that all week. Gotta get my cackle on.

So, as usual we've gone a little overboard with the whole Halloween decorating thing.  But it is so much fun!!  We went with a mad scientist theme in the sunroom this year. 

Wg is the halloween queen


We'll be adding in lots of candles and bubbling liquids in those beakers come Saturday night.


So that was ONE side of the yard.  Then Keen whipped up these ghosties and trees for the other side.  (It's hard to see but he made one green lit, one orange, and one purple ghost each.)

Keen is the halloween king

He also has an elaborate lighting and fog machine setup ready to go for Halloween night.  Keen is quite good with the lights.  This all is evidence of my awesome corrupting power!  See, he used to be ALL ABOUT Christmas.  And really, Christmas around this joint is pretty disgusting, too.  It's all candy canes and light up cute.  But the fact that Keen has so obviously embraced the Halloween vibe is entirely due to my evil influence.  He MADE those ghosts!  Hands-on!  (Usually, if something needs to be built that's my arena.)  And he even bought a gruesome accessory or two.

Not cute, not cute at all.

Sniff.  I'm so proud!

             - the weirdgirl


You must know by now - Godmother

Woo Hoo. I can NOT wait for Saturday!

We are going to have SO much fun.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Very scary well done, indeed! Now, Keen's true test comes in the form of dressing up like a ghoul to pass out candy!

p.s. - Can I come stretch out like a cat in your sun room? That is awesome!


So, so, so very cool.


You guys rock! You're like Dan and Roseanne.


Pardon my dirty mind--but in the second picture, the skeleton appears to have a raven for a penis! Anyway, that's really awesome that y'all decorate as much for Halloween as for Christmas--I've never known or heard of anyone else doing that! And I prefer Halloween over Christmas, to some extent. Christmas comes with loads of expectations, left over from childhood, that can no longer be met. But Halloween comes with no expectations--it's just fun.


That is amazing!

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