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the raccoons are only the beginning

First of all, I am NOT obsessed with raccoons.

However, the other night - in the dead middle of it when I should be sleeping peacefully - Keen and I (and the cat) heard the most vicious, snarling growls coming from outside.  So loud that we all bolted upright in classic Zoinks! and Jeepers! fashion.

We attempted to investigate but Keen's propensity to sleep nude and our numerous windows impeded efforts a bit.

Still we found out, it was the raccoons again.  Which are much more freakishly large than cute, cuddly cartoons depict.  And (who knew?) they have a tendency to savagely attack each other in the blink of an eye, even though they were obviously of the same pack.  That is some fucked up frenemy shit.  Now I'm no expert in animal husbandry (or whatever) but it seems to me that such loud, vicious behavior, coupled with the aggressive foraging and recent suburban invasions, isn't quite normal.

Plus, I just recently learned... they live in the sewers.

That right there screams to me of a childhood pet flushed down the toilet into the sewers where it mutates and breeds!

Now, also recently, there have been quite a few monster/alien/etc. sitings popping up all over the world. I mean, really the increased frequency of these sitings is disturbing, so of course, they have been closely monitored by a few of my intrepid and concerned colleagues.  These, along with the obvious empire of mutant raccoons living below my very feet lead me to the obvious conclusion...

...the monsters are planning some hell of a HUGE coming out party!

(Sort of like on True Blood, but with less sex and a lot more biting.) 

And the really scary thing?  They don't care who knows, otherwise they'd be quieter about it. 

You have been warned.

                  - the weirdgirl

keep the lemonade

We managed to squeeze out one last trip this summer and went up to Tahoe for a couple of days. It was very mellow and nice.  (Of course, I forgot to take pictures.)  I think it was the first relaxing trip/social event I had this summer.  I don't know what it was but summer this year was a little nuts. 

However, now I am neck deep in a work deadline, so the posts will be short and sweet for a while.  Although I AM going to try to post more often.  I mean, really wg, what a slacker.

Summer also still seems to have a grip on us around here.  It is HOT.  Between you and me, I'm sick of it now.  Sunny California weather be damned.  I am especially sick of my summer clothes.  I am tired of shorts that don't quite fit (do they have to put a bulging drawstring in every pair?) and slobby tank tops because that's all you can stand to wear in the heat.  I am ready for Fall.  I am ready for cute sweaters and closed-toe shoes.  And really comfy sweats in the evenings with a big mug of hot lemonade.  (Have you tried that?  It's so good.  You just nuke a little lemonade in the microwave or even squeeze a lemon fresh with a bit of sugar in hot water... mmmm, yum!) 

Of course, I'm still drinking hot tea even in the heat because that tea is like lifeblood to me! I don't care if the Starbucks people look at me funny when I turn down their offers to "ice" it!  I need it HOT, goddamnit!  Don't you know that caffeine is heat-activated?!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah... so you know what I've been doing in the evenings instead of relaxing in my comfy sweats with hot lemonade and/or hot tea?  I've been moving fans around in front of every single window in the house, all open of course, trying to cool down the house before bed.  Sometimes I am doing this until midnight.  Then I have to close everything up again against our local pack of marauding raccoons. 

Cheeky little buggers.  I just know they'll steal my tea and lemons.
          - wg

And here's where I piss everybody off #1

Since there is always someone on the web foaming at the mouth about "breast is best" or the ethical (?) considerations of foreskins or whatever other reason why their parenting preferences are better than everyone else's, I've decided to start spouting off a few of my own.  Mainly because I just find a lot of that shit ridiculous.

I like to be subversive that way.

So here we go... I feed my son chocolate milk once a day!  And not just sometimes, pretty much every single day he gets chocolate milk. 


I've been reading quite a few news articles lately about offering healthier food choices at schools, which I completely support.  However, every single article feels the need to point out that the schools offer chocolate milk... and so, oh my god!, the kids pick the chocolate milk over the regular milk!!  Aagh!

Check it out, prepared chocolate milk has about the same amount of sugar as a similarly-sized glass of apple juice.  (And I tested that against the 100%, no sugar added Treetop apple juice.)

Chocolate is a power food.

Milk, whether it's chocolate flavored or not, still comes with all those great dairy nutrients.

My son is kind of on the skinny side so I don't mind a few extra calories getting in him. 

As for all the people pointing out the horrifying effects of sugar on focus, hyperactivity (myth - unless you have a sensitivity to sugar (which occurs far less than people realize)), and the subsequent "sugar crashes"... you really have to scarf quite a bit of sugar for those effects.  (Like I personally have not had a sugar crash in a really long time and I eat some chocolate or a couple of cookies or some other sugar-based treat once a day.  At least.  ahem)  So is it really the one carton/glass of chocolate milk?  Or is it the chocolate milk, the candy bar, the cookie, and the corn dog?

I'm just foaming saying.           - wg

in the cave

So I've been in hiding.  I wish I could say it's because I'm a secret agent but alas, no.  After all your feedback (thank you!) on my last post I went to see my doctor and now I'm waiting for results on a bunch of tests.  Tests that are scary and gnaw at me with worry.  Primarily the lupus screen.  Lupus with all caps and exclamation points and not any at all happy faces or stars.  See because, since my thryoid condition is auto-immune I automatically must be screened for other auto-immune disorders.  So yeah, the hiding.

Most likely I have some sort of arthritis going on.  Because did you know that inflammation itself can cause fatigue?  I didn't know that.  And if you have mild inflammation or, like so many of us, just deal with the aches and pains and go on you might not realize there is an association between being tired all the time and the pain.  Therefore I also have a referral to see a rheumatologist. 

I am/was mono's bitch. 

(That's probably what set off all the allergies, auto-immune potentials, etc. - being sick all those years ago.  I never even had allergies before I got mono.)  

So if anything comes up on these tests (if it's not just stress/thyroid raising it's bitchy as a teen cliquetator head) let's hope it's arthritis, mmm kay?  Even though arthritis will entirely ruin my plans to join a roller derby team. 

Can you guess how excited I am to see Whip It??        - wg

Update: I got my test results back and the lupus screen came back fine!  Yay!  I am SO relieved.  I just have to get used to the fact that this will probably be the first of many lupus tests throughout my life.  It's not fun but it's necessary.

On another high note... even my cholesterol came back normal!  The cholesterol that runs in high in all the chicks in my family. So woohoo... I can keep eating dairy! 

It's been stressful this week. I think I'll go eat a block of cheese.

How tired are you?

Hi Internets.  I need to take an informal poll. How many of you out there are constantly tired?  Is this just a symptom of growing older?  I mean, I figure... yeah, I'm an old fart now.  But I'm not THAT old.  And I swear to god, sometimes I get eight hours of sleep and 2 - 3 hours into the morning I'm tired again.

I am so tired of being tired.  It's draining. 

whimper whimper whine

It's not debilitating fatigue; I've had mono and I know what that feels like, but it does seem consistent.  So I'm wondering...

How many of you feel the same way? 
Is there a certain amount of sleep you need to feel completely rested?  What's that number?
How old are you (you can lie here (within reason)) and when did the constant tiredness start for you? (if it did)
How many kids do you have and does that have anything to do with it?  (I'm guessing, yes.)

Basically, I'm trying to figure out if this is par for the course/a symptom of general stress or if I need to go to the doctor for some sort of happy wake up pill.  For the record, I do get exercise and eat pretty OK.  Although I think I'm getting arthritis.

Any insight you all could provide would be awesome!  And if I need to suck it up, you can tell me that, too.             - the weirdgirl