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And here's where I piss everybody off #1

Since there is always someone on the web foaming at the mouth about "breast is best" or the ethical (?) considerations of foreskins or whatever other reason why their parenting preferences are better than everyone else's, I've decided to start spouting off a few of my own.  Mainly because I just find a lot of that shit ridiculous.

I like to be subversive that way.

So here we go... I feed my son chocolate milk once a day!  And not just sometimes, pretty much every single day he gets chocolate milk. 


I've been reading quite a few news articles lately about offering healthier food choices at schools, which I completely support.  However, every single article feels the need to point out that the schools offer chocolate milk... and so, oh my god!, the kids pick the chocolate milk over the regular milk!!  Aagh!

Check it out, prepared chocolate milk has about the same amount of sugar as a similarly-sized glass of apple juice.  (And I tested that against the 100%, no sugar added Treetop apple juice.)

Chocolate is a power food.

Milk, whether it's chocolate flavored or not, still comes with all those great dairy nutrients.

My son is kind of on the skinny side so I don't mind a few extra calories getting in him. 

As for all the people pointing out the horrifying effects of sugar on focus, hyperactivity (myth - unless you have a sensitivity to sugar (which occurs far less than people realize)), and the subsequent "sugar crashes"... you really have to scarf quite a bit of sugar for those effects.  (Like I personally have not had a sugar crash in a really long time and I eat some chocolate or a couple of cookies or some other sugar-based treat once a day.  At least.  ahem)  So is it really the one carton/glass of chocolate milk?  Or is it the chocolate milk, the candy bar, the cookie, and the corn dog?

I'm just foaming saying.           - wg



Mine eat a popsicle or two every day. I don't really care, either.

My mother is, of course, horrified by this. I don't care about that either. Occasionally they have cereal for dinner.

Considering that they've never had soda, don't drink juice, and brush their own teeth without asking, I figure it all evens out.


I give my kid chocolate milk nearly every day too. I put Miralax in it so he can poop. So I consider chocolate milk to be medicinal.


Mine eat chocolate poptarts every morning... and unfortunately I'm not kidding when I say EVERY morning.

But they drink mostly water, are skinny as rails, and my son chose a plastic box full of baby spinach as his "choice" at the store last night, then proceeded to open it up and snack on it tonight without me even realizing.

I really think it all balances out, and people get too micro-focused on just about every parenting choice anyway.

Viva la chocolate!

I first but preface by saying I adore chocolate milk, the chocolatier (so probably not a word) the better. I'd also like to add that the only milk I ever drink is chocolate (unless I need white milk for heartburn on that rare occasion, but I drink that quite regretfully).

Now, as for my daughter (age 3 1/2), she has also developed a distinct distaste for white milk. She hasn't drank white milk in probably over a year. I was mildly concerned at her refusal to drink regular milk, until I spoke with her doctor. He told me that chocolate milk was better for her than no milk at all, or substituting milk with juice. He said that she was still getting all the nutritional value of milk, and that most chocolate sauces and powders even have added vitamins, so sometimes were more nutrionally sound than juice. So take that all you people who cry out with outrage against my chocolate milk drinking kiddo. sorry got a bit carried away

BTW, both my little brother and my little sister did the same thing when they were young, my mom just gave them milk the way they wanted it (either strawberry or chocolate flavored) and they grew out of it and now will drink regular milk easily. I, on the other hand, was forced to choke down that foul white milk as a child because my dad was just like that and a lot more strict before he got I still hate the stuff.

Just a thought. :-)


I wish my daughter drank chocolate milk so I could have an excuse to keep it in the house. Can't be worse than feeding her breaded, rendered chicken.

keith stahr

One man told me "I am not controversial; I am opinionated! I am only controversial if you disagree."

I agreed, so I can walk away quite pleased with what I read.


That's a very good point!


One of the strongest/fastest guys on my bicycle racing club always hits his chocolate milk after a hard training ride for recovery. He swears by it. He is "strong like bull..."

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