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The bloggity blog hashtag of everything BlogHer (09 ###)

I suppose I could do a nice orderly list of everyone I met along with some thoughtful, well-composed insights of my BlogHer 09 experience. Or I could just start typing and veer off randomly every time I’m distracted.  I choose the latter.  (It's going to take me a while to get all this down anyway.)

FIRST! I had a roommate this year. Lori from Spinning Yellow, and it was just so much fun! We stayed up way too late talking every night. We bailed occasionally to get food or to search for the mythical Starbucks. I really wish we didn’t have an entire country between us because she is my long lost twin (I’m the crazy, bad influence one… BOOYAH!).

The List

Matthew of Child's Play x2 - SO nice meeting you, Matthew! We're old school, ya know.
Benjamin Jeremy - Matthew's brother and babbling blogger in his own right
Elke, local blogger extraordinare, of Elkit in Wonderland
Sarah Dopp, who has more blogs than I can keep track of
Amy of Pretty Babies - awesome!!
Andrea a.k.a. Heathen Mom
The Manic Mommies, Erin and Kristin
Renee at and - so many people with multiple sites!
Ashley of Boss Sanders
249Smiles' Angela

Marius - who was completely charming on the plane (non-blogger notwithstanding)
Delora in D.C. at A Spiced Life
Heather of the Mother Tongue!  That girl can party!!  (Psst, if you're ever out in the SF Bay... call me!)
Also, for the awesome partying, Cara and Tara and Kelli

And speaking of the parties at BlogHer, might I mention that everywhere I looked there was fabulous cleavage.  Satin-enshrouded voluptuous valleys at every cocktail event.  I mean, really, the boobage here?  It was serious.  It wasn't even ME looking.  It was my girls.  They couldn't help it.  And they went a little flatter in defeat. Damn you, BlogHer bosoms!

Travel Savvy Mom, Jamie
Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, the lady who's publishing career I'm completely envious of (but I covered it well)
Amisha Gandhi-Lanier, Ivy Worldwide

Kim of Prosaic Paradise
Kevin Burke! - that's Kevin P. Burke, captain
State of Grace, Grace (thank you for organizing the debrief!)
Maggie of Magpie Musing - so nice to reconnect!
Jodifur! - I feel you, hon.
Lea and Rick of TinyPrints - I must have run into Rick about 20 times this weekend.  We hung.
Adam of Avitable fame
BusyDad Jim
Father Muskrat (sadly, I didn't get his real name)
Whit of Honea Express - such a cool dude!

I would have liked to have met Black Hockey Jesus (of the now defunct but out on a high note blog) but you know, there were a lot of male bloggers there and they all had the same sort of haircut and beardy shadow/goatee type thing a-going on and oval faces and I’m not saying all bloggers look alike, because that would be blatantly blogist (and I’m nothing if not subtly blogist), but it was about as easy to tell them apart as when I asked around for Schmutzie and she was described to me as having “short hair and glasses”. Well, turdburgers. Thanks.

Amanda at RocketXL - thank you for making apologies for me to the other Amanda

Ilina of Dirt and Noise
Deep Muck Big Rake, Becky Gjendem
Lisa at Condo Blues
Jennifer Wagner - who's website makes me wish I had a teen
Lisa at The Girl's Blog
Let's Go Strolling's, Melissa and Jo
Alice's Wonderland

BTW, was it just me, or did speed dating seem shorter this year?

Sara Lorimer of Lovely Listing - If you have never checked out her site, do it! There are some train wrecks in houses, I tell ya.
Nilsa of SoMi Speaks
Show Me the Curry! - (I'm so sorry, I forgot your names. It's probably the cooking block thing I have.)
Kathry of Mom Central Consulting
The Midwest Guest Dominique

Cara of

Kathy at Locate This

Jaime, the cab driver who grew up in my neighborhood. Represent!

Sarcastic Mom, Lotus

Summer of Blogfully Yours - I love that name!

Naomi of Attention!

Expateek Ellie

and Erin of Schlosser Designs - who handed out the sweetest cards!

I don't want to forget some of the lovely sponsors I met!  I walked the floor at the end of the show so I got to chat.  I like that part.  Especially with all the ladies at Picnik, SpringPad, and Disney.

Katin & Thereasa at SpringPad - it was great seeing you again! And give it up for Katin, soon-to-be mom!

Lisa of Picnik - fun on the Expo floor or at the Cheeseburger party!

Tracey at PBS Parents - a pleasure to talk to

Erin at Jump Start

Sara and Heather of Bill Me Later, and Melissa of Zappos

There was also the slew of folks without business cards that I got to see this year.  Katie the Motherbumper, Mom 101, BackPacking Dad, Motherhood Uncensored (too briefly!), Her Bad Mother, Mocha Mama, Polly a.k.a. LesbianDadSarah of the Goon Squad, Chicky Chicky Baby, and the Redneck Mommy. I shared a cab back to the airport with one of the international bloggers, Toyin Ajao, who is a sweetheart

Crap, I know I'm going to forget someone but you can yell at me in comments.

And finally, my Special Needs posse, who's support and commiseration have made going to BlogHer so worthwhile three years running.

Lori - of course, my good friend and who is also the first person who turned me on to SPD way back at BlogHer 07

Jaelithe - who has just started a sensory group for us all

Jean of Stimelyand

Janice of It's a Jan's Life and Autism Public Schools

Carissa of Faith, Hope & Love and Grown in My Heart

The lovely Kari - who is going to be partying with Project Runway! squeee!!

Christina at Hopeful Parents

Send Chocolate Now's Tina

Carmen, Mom to the Screaming Masses - one brave woman with six kids!

Christina of A Mommy Story

Ellen from Wiley

Nancy Shute - who is writing these issues, we need you!

Erin of Weber Shandrick

and Megan of Acorn Dreaming - who missed our Birds of a Feather but I got to chance to meet later at, of all things, the cheeseburger party.

Thank you ladies, for being there.

Wooh!  I'm tired.
               - the weirdgirl

Addendum ~

I knew I was going to forget some folks! Actually, I have a feeling I misplaced some cards altogether. (oops)  Anywho, I can always count on Jenny on the Spot to dance up a storm.  Now we may have to do Viking Fest together, too.  Andi and I met over lunch.  And I helped John Morisano of Powder Room Graffiti find his way to the gym. 'Cause I'm all helpful like that.  And I can't seem to stop talking to people.

The ticket to fame and fortune

Oh look, another whole week has gone by and I’ve managed to post… um... once. I’ve got quite the stellar record lately. I totally blame employment. And trying to get ahead of said employment duties to be ready for BlogHer.

Speaking of BlogHer… I know there are many, many of you who will be going for the first time this year. It’s always a nerve-wracking experience that first conference trip; the anxiety, the questions… Will anyone talk to me? What should I wear? Will my site hits increase? I’ve been there, I know. So, to help all you newbies I have graciously prepared…

WG’s BlogHer 09 Guide to Incredible Popularity!

Following these simple steps will ensure that you are remembered at BlogHer 09 and on the road to celebrity bloggerhood.  (Because I am SO popular!)

Step 1 – Bring business cards. This is crucial. Or tchotchkes. If you are unable to bring either, be prepared to pimp your drink tickets. Otherwise, no one will like you.

Step 2 – Do not hide behind plants. If you feel a bit of anxiety coming on, go for coffee. A coffee cup instantly legitimizes the need to hide and makes you look cool and worldly.

Step 3 – TMI does not exist at BlogHer. In fact, it’s practically frowned upon. Chat a lot, preferably about vaginas. Also, introduce yourself to everyone. Even people not attending the conference. They’ll only look at you like you’re mildly crazy and they’ll probably visit your blog anyway.

Step 4 – Seek out the popular bloggers. When you see a bunch of them hanging around, approach confidently. Wait for a lull in their conversation, then throw your head back, laugh loudly, and proclaim, “Oh, LADIES! Well, catch you later!” While retreating toss your business card at newbies standing around gawking at the popular kids. They’ll instantly think you’re popular, too.

Step 5 – Speak up at sessions. Always have a comment ready and clearly say your name/blog first. If you get flustered or pull a Palin you can always compensate by flashing your boobs. Being in clear view of the cameras is a nice touch.

Step 6 – Dance wildly at all parties. Preferably on tables. If that isn’t garnering you an adoring crowd, try flashing your boobs again. If you can manage to shoot business cards out of your cleavage that would be ideal.

Step 7 – Twitter the entire trip. This accomplishes two goals: first, it makes everyone who didn’t attend wildly jealous, and second it implies to other BlogHer attendees that you are in demand. Again, instant popularity.

In case of any social gaffes, it’s perfectly OK to ditch the conference in order to shop, then reappear later after everyone is drunk. Someone may still say something but remember those as notes for your future book deal.

It can all be yours, baby.

Your welcome,
the weirdgirl

Do steroids go bad?

I worked in the garden for five hours yesterday and got loads done. I didn't think it would take so long, but since I'm down to doing about one day of heavy-duty gardening a month I figured I better suck it up and finish it all.  I'm so good at kicking my own ass.  I put in corn, onions, strawberries, watermelon, chives, basil, parsley, a bunch of flowers, on top of the tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, beans, and zucchini I already had in.  I know, I know.  It's late to be putting in veggies. (And I know it totally drives my dad bonkers that I break all the cardinal rules of gardening and still somehow get produce.  Which is kind of fun in itself.)  But you know, Orchard Supply is still bringing in vegetables and we're hot here until September, sometimes October so it seems like a shame not to attempt growing them.  I mean, that's like perfectly good food going to waste! 

And there must be some good coming out of the blasted heat!  (But I'm not bitter. Or sunburnt.)

Anyway, I also had a massive allergy attack.  Probably the worst one I've ever had.  Like four hours after I came inside AND took a shower I still had massive congestion and itchy eyes and shit.  I don't usually get that bad so I didn't have a clue what to do.  I stuck some cold compresses on my eyes (they still do that right?  that's not middle aged) and I took Nyquil on top of the Claritin.  But then I just got really sleepy.  So at 7:30 I decided to go lay down for a bit

This is the part where you all are shaking your heads and shouting, "Noooooo!  Don't lay down!" right?

Have you ever fallen into that state of sleep where you know you should be up but you're so groggy and confused and possibly drooling that every little thing kind of makes it into your dreams, like the cat trying to sit on your face, and not the good dreams where you're getting it on with some hottie but the nagging dreams where you're really sure you've forgotten something important - like in my case,  I'm at BlogHer (09!) but I've forgotten to call Lori to check into our room so I don't even know where I'm crashing but it's some strange couch somewhere - and you're telling yourself to wake up but you just can't?

Yeah, I did that.  Until 7:00 this morning.

Well, sometime in the middle of the night I woke up, still congested, but with enough clarity to rummage through my cupboards until I found some Rhinocort that was only five years old.  Said steroids I promptly snorted. 

So on the one hand I'm totally proud (and totally fearful) of my backyard, but on the other I feel like I slept through at least five hours of productive time. 

Hopefully, my boss won't read this. They probably frown on steroid snorting.

So what ARE you supposed to do with a massive allergy attack?  Anyone?        
              - wg

In which I am all hopped up and feeling fabulous!

So we just got a bunch of rooms painted in our house!  And I've had way too much caffeine already.  I'm utterly tired and totally excited.  I'm now officially two or more days behind on work, and I've had very limited access to my computer.  Seriously, I noticed there was a huge spike in visitors on Monday and I have no idea why.  A major celebrity could have died online, while tweeting about the weird growth on his foot, (said celebrity having been mentioned at some point on this blog, (like Sanjaya and his panties) thus accounting for the spike) and I wouldn't have known.  Like, disconnected, that's what I've been.  And you know what?  I don't even care.

Because I am high on color!

Check this shit out.

Our bedroom, previously a very, very light green.  That had faded.


Now. (I've got to up our decor now to keep up with these fabulous walls.)


Our living room.  This and the dining room both were the same cream with the white wainscoting (also the sun room, which is off the living room but we didn't paint it).  In fact, the majority of the house was basically white or very pale colors, like the one bathroom that is light mauve. Do you know what goes with mauve?  Mauve, that's what.  (Oh, and that bathroom also has light green carpet. Yeah.)


Originally we loved the beige, because our last house was darker and this had lovely light and we were totally celebrating the airy.  But, at our core, Keen and I are color people and eventually we had to go back.  So we went with... turquoise!  That's right, turquoise bitches!  


(I think our painter was a bit appalled.  I mean, the owner, not the two Hispanic guys who did the actual painting.  Those guys were feeling it.  It's a Latino thing.)


Then our dining room was painted a brassy/mustardy/tan.  (It's less yellow, more tan in real life than is this photo.)


Finally, we had wall paper removed from the kitchen.  This house had been remodeled probably about 15-20 years ago, in the late 80s or early 90s.  Structurally, they did a lovely job, but all the fixtures are 80s brass, ditto the color palettes. That there wallpaper is some country kitchen, "colonial" blue shit with little mauve flowers.  (Again with the mauve!)

(Not that I didn't go through my own country kitchen period.  I mean, those are peppers hanging above the sink.  Country kitchen can look very nice... but I'm over it now.)


Voila!  (And I was afraid the blues would be too similar.)


Next step, start replacing all that brass.

What do you think?  If you hate it feel free to say so.  My MIL is going to hate every single thing we've done.  Her favorite color for walls is... white.  Everything else looks "dark" to her.  And since she's also rather indifferent to tact we're totally going to hear about it.  Probably with a "why did you ruin your house?" sort of comment.

Because I love it!  LOVE!!

         - the weirdgirl