How the swine flu swooped in and saved us all. Or not.
Just a minor educational rant



I had that same conversation with my 3 year old, only we were in a crowded public restroom!!! :)

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Cannot stop laughing...

Seriously. This MUST go in any type of baby book you do or do not have!


Fur. Awesome.


Fur on the butt, yeah, been there. Gawd, I long for the day when I can pee and not worry about being charged. Because now both my boys AND the damn dog all come in and stand in a semi-circle, staring at me.

I just caught up on your last post. Hope Chance is feeling better. That sounds like a sucktastic ordeal.


Fur, huh? On the butt no less. I'm glad my kids are grown and gone, but then again. . .


Oh, that pesky butt fur. Like when you have to change your tampon in front of your kid, and she asks you why you pooped on yourself.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.


At least he didn't ask you why the carpet didn't match the drapes.


That's hilarious!

Still, you could have told him the truth--in this way: "Well honey, grownups have fur around their private parts. And someday you'll have fur around your private parts too."

On second thought, considering that he may have asked more detailed questions, I think you dealt with it just right!

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