Because I know you all love my survivalist DIY tendencies
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The bomb! Jasmine is so going to want those shoes.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I would tap dance around my kitchen in those sassy shoes (and what tiny feet you must have, btw!!). They are adorable shoes made even more so by their clearance price!

Very cool picture, too.


I also wondering about the size of your feet from the pictures... cute shoes. I have no cute shoes left - the damn dog ate my last pair. :( So now I get to go shoe-shopping because Michael feels guilty that it's only my shoes the dog eats.

the weirdgirl

Godmother - I still have a pair of doc marten maryjanes waiting for either of the girls. Though, I suspect they're more up Lauren's alley.

FADKOG - They were extreme clearance! Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten two pairs. Really. (I can quit any time.)

Hannah - I would be very upset if the dog ate my shoes! However... rebuilding your shoe wardrobe would be fun.

I'm surprised at all these tiny feet comments! Those are 7 1/2s so not that small, considering I'm only 5'2". Perhaps my hands just look monstrously huge?


Damn, I love those shoes at the top and I'm not even a shoe person. Dammit, I wish I could wear heals!

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