So begins the "phase"
But those clothes are still Perfectly Good!

Happenstance (for shits and giggles)

Holy crapmonkeys, is it Wednesday already?!  Well, in the basic breakdown of my days it seems like I work and drive Chance around to places he "needs to be".  That seems like it should be highly ironic, somehow.  hmmm  However, here are a few other moments in my action-packed, compelling life.

I'm on the Waiting List (da da DUM!) for BlogHer... which pretty much means I'm not going.  (Damn tickets go faster every year.)  Keen suggested we book a nice spa day instead.  (Ya gotta love that guy.)

Apparently, for my 20th high school reunion there's only, like, 100 tickets available or some such crap.  Out of a class of 600.  Does that make sense to you?  So I'm kind of figuring on not going to that either.  SPA!

A moment to bitch... color will not stay in my hair.  I mean, it's ridiculous.  This has actually always been an issue for me but I swear it's getting worse.  As you all know (and the above cartoon version of me will attest), I like a lot of the bright punk reds but my real hair is actually a lot lighter.  It's a light brown, with a lot of blonde/red highlights, so what happens is a lot of the true reds quickly fade to an orange-y brown.  So... I recently had my hairdresser (which costs $$$ but I didn't want to screw it up (and, you gotta figure, amortized over several months, right?)) put on a permanent color in a rich, dark auburn with the plan to use that as my base and then just throw whatever punk color I felt like on top of it - red, purple, true orange, etc.  The damn permanent lasted a month!   These things are supposed to grow out!  I mean, I gave up on the semi-permanents last year because they were fading so damn fast, and, of course, I don't expect the deposit-only colors to last very long, but crap on a stick!  I'm basically re-doing my hair color every two weeks

But don't worry it's all vegan and non-chemical and stuff.  At least it's cheap.

Oh, I also tried dyeing my hair jet black a few days ago just to see what it looked like.  Did it stick?  No, no it did not.

A little confusion

Chance: "OK..." (blocking me with a pillow) "you're in prison now." (Pronounced "prism".)
Me: "I am?  Oh no!  What did I do?"
Chance:  "You broke the law."
Me: "How?  I don't remember that!  How did I break the law?"
Chance: "You slammed the law... like this..." (swinging his leg) "and it broke."
Me: "Oh."
Chance: "Yeah, you're in jail now. Here's your ticket to get in."