Live blogging it
Eating Girl Scout cookies and frantically writing a post.

Lucky numbers... 14, 3, 26, 5

"Every day you don't blog makes it easier to put it off one day more."  That should be a Chinese proverb or something.  Except (obviously) updated for today's modern world.  There could be equally pithy sayings about YouTube and Facebook.  All folded carefully inside an ipod-shaped cookie.  Sure, the cookie might taste a bit stale, but you'll still eat it.  Because that too-hard cookie, shaped in technology, grounds you to reality for a brief moment in the crunchy sweet/blandness of the everyday.  And then you'll Tweet the experience and be joined by the rousing camaraderie of other eaters of dusty fate-filled cookies.

Yeah, I don't know where I'm going with this either.  This cold is finally fading but I'm still hitting every evening (my usual "blog time") pretty wiped out.  I gotta start writing in the morning.

I bet I could totally sell these fortune cookies via catalog.   
                   - wg



Weirdcookies would totally sell. Amy made fortune cookies a couple years ago for Chinese New Year that were the job-themed, and everyone loved it. But instead of your tech ones, I want to see your smarta$$ sayings.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

If you dipped those cookies in chocolate, I'd be all over them, which would be good, because I'm either exhausted or unfocused pretty much all hours of the day.

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