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Your regular voice works just as good

We have been infested.  Infested in the most annoying manner.  Specifically, this infestation belongs to the variety of...


Big puppy eyes, head tilt, long drawl out voice ending in that high note that can quickly, oh so quickly, turn into full on whining. 

We don't know where this infestation originated - whether from school, the TV, another of the species, or if it just percolated up from the murky depths of the toddler Id.  Doubtless the creature is under the impression that this is an effective, and cute, method of obtaining his goals.  I can only imagine that it must work on Grandma (??) because it is not cute.

It is far, far from cute.

Especially repeated several times a day.  Upon hearing it, and its whiny (nastier) cousin, it pretty much squashes any inclination I may have had to good-naturedly give in to the goals of the creature.  In fact, the entire infestation is seriously grating on my nerves.

But I can't admit that... because then I know it'll grow into a plague.

              - the weirdgirl


foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Wait until 'pleeeease' morphs into 'whhhhhyyyyy????'


That's nothing, mine has started yelling "I hate you Mommy!" every time I say no to him. I know it's a phase but every time he does it, I want to put him outdoors in a snowbank until he cools off (or I do).

the weirdgirl

FADKOG - Oh lordy! I will be DEFINITELY turning into my parents at that point. "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" (My version might be a little more screechy, though. Whining REALLY gets on my nerves.)

Hannah - I said that to my mom once and she totally turned around and said, "I hate you too! How about that?!" Snap! I didn't say it again (at least not within hearing).


Yep, that is irritating.






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