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I'm shocked, shocked...

So we found out who taught the oh-so-lovely "pleeeeeeease" to our son... 

It was his GRANDFATHER! 

I know previously on this blog I have refrained from calling out by name the indiscretions of certain elderly relations (hence the acronym UOR (unnamed older relative)) but DUDE!  You're in your 60s!  And you're a dude!

I mean really.  Not to mention that what you taught our child is completely and thoroughly annoying. 

But don't worry... Keen totally kicked the UOR's ass about it. 

              - the weirdgirl

P.S. Is it really only Tuesday?  Why does it feel like it's been a long week already?

"Your winnings, sir."


Charlie Blockhead

I know! It feels like Monday and Tuesday were whole weeks in themselves. I'm sooo bummed it's only Wednesday.


Don't feel bad - I don't have kids yet, but my MIL has lovingly taught my Yorkie to bark for treats... UGH. He never even barked at all before I let her dog-sit a few times. Now he won't SHUT UP!

I fear for when I let her keep my child. *shudder*

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

Hilarious! You want my mom to come over and deprogram the child? That woman is hardcore, even if she is a grandma now!

creative-type dad

My daughter's grandpa taught her to call women broads.
And yes, this week is crawling....


So what should I teach him when I get to watch the boy? hmmmm....


OH, OH, you should let Jeanne and I watch him together, the fun we could have. And then of course you will no longer talk to either of us, because I'm sure between the two of us we could ruin him for LIFE. :)

Yep, I'm gonna go for that, but after that Sharks game Keen is taking Lowly to.....then it's "game on".


It does seem to be taking forever for the weekend to get here.

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