The News is No News
Soccer Moms and their contribution to the oil crisis

And then it turned a little chill

About to embark on seasonal coat shopping...

ME:  So Chance, what color jacket do you want?  Do you still want black?

CHANCE:  No, I want a dick jacket.

ME:  What was that?

CHANCE:  Dick.  I want a dick jacket.

ME:  Um... You want a dark jacket?

CHANCE:  NO... dick!

Blink. Blink blink blink.

ME:  OH!  You mean you want a thick jacket!

CHANCE:  YES!!  I want a DICK jacket!

Silly mommy. 




foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

So, so awesome!


So I guess you've found the Halloween costume! He'll be a hit with the school teachers.


That reminds me. I need to buy some thermal underwear.

the weirdgirl

Kim & FADKOG - I have to say that his new found verbal skills are turning out to be very entertaining.

Jeanne - Well, THAT costume would certainly get attention! He's right at that age where he'd probably proudly declare that he was a penis, too.

Evyl - Keen wanted me to tell you that you are a man after his own heart! (Or head, as the case may be.)


In Mobile, there used to be a record store called Peaches. They sold some great buttons there, several of which I bought, and still have (Led Zeppelin, a bunch of musical notations, the Peace Sign, Yin-Yang, "HELL WAS FULL SO I CAME BACK", "LET'S PUT THE FUN BACK IN DYSFUNCTIONAL", "WHERE EXACTLY ARE THOSE WOMEN WHO LOVE TOO MUCH?").

But there's one I didn't buy, because I didn't have enough money. I did return to Peaches when I had enough money, but it was sold out by then.

And I wish to God I would have found a way to buy it that night! I would trade it for all the others combined (except possibly Led Zeppelin).

This button read (and I can laughingly imagine Nixon or Cheney saying this): "MY NAME IS DICK, AND I AM SICK AND TIRED OF DICK JOKES!"

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