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Don't insult the witches

Can I just talk about how much Kenley of Project Runway fame is getting on my nerves?  I don't usually take a strong dislike to people on TV (because it's TV), but really... it is like she is fraying my nerves with a stitch ripper.  I feel a little bad because she actually looks a lot like my hairdresser (whom I adore and is also into super cute retro looks) and whenever I first see her (Kenley) I think, "How cute!" but then she just opens her mouth and rolls her eyes disdainfully and it's all over.  She is also loud.  When you can tell a person is louder than everyone around them through the TV - especially since TV production crews have that magic of sound control - there's a problem.  And she is rather cackle-ly.  And I am the first person to appreciate a really good cackle because there are times when a cackle just conveys a certain spirit and energy and non-conformist - I might even say, risque - comraderie that simply works in the everyday mostly (sadly) cackle-less world (my mom, for example, can let loose a great cackle)... but when Kenley does it it just sounds cocky and mean.  Cackling Kenley, I think that's my new nickname for her.

I'd invite her to wear a pointy hat but being a fan of witches I'd just be insulting myself.  She's already insulting cacklers.

And no one talks to Tim Gunn that way.

Carry on.           - wg


foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

The only bit of Project Runway I've ever seen was about 30 minutes of this season, when they were designing outfits for the drag queens, and it was at that point when I realized I was disappointed I'd never started watching this show long ago.


You have some funny opinions - WG! Gotta say I love it though.
And I have been a space cadet lately and didn't wish you good luck on the egg fertilization process.
**crossing my fingers**


HotMomma can't stand her too.


Oh lord yes. Especially her laughing while the other Runway'ers are getting critiqued. Could be editing, of course, but it's happened more than once, so I'm inclined to believe it's not.

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