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Some Awarding (and misc. #477)

Last Friday I was awarded the Kick Ass Blogger award by VegasDad.  
Award_200pxOf course, I didn't realize for a couple of days that I had been given an award as I was distracted by the whole Bigfoot thing.  (Speaking of which, did you see the Yeti story?!)  Actually, it's probably good I was awarded before the Bigfoot post went up because I kind of doubt I would have gotten the award otherwise.  That was a tad outside the realm of  traditional mommy blogging (albeit TOTALLY fun!).  It's not like there's a Things SAH Parents Do to Keep From Going Insane award! 

There should probably be one like that, though.  Hmmm, something to think about.

I shall now bestow the award on to five more bloggers who kick some serious booty!  Da da duh!

Cynical Dad
For A Different Kind of Girl
Creative-Type Dad
Woman on the Verge
Not So Deep Thoughts

If anyone has already been awarded... well, tough hooey.  My love means more.


Now please go spread some love of your own.  (*snicker*)

And for another bit of awesome kick-ASS naughtiness, check out this collection of shirts, brought to my attention by Kim at All the World's A Stage.  (Thank you Kim!)  Pay special attention to the embroidery. 

Which one(s) would you wear in public?
              - wg



Bigfoot or not, you definitely kick ass.


Ya gotta know that you deserved this one.

foradifferentkindofgirl (FADKOG)

You so kick ass! The Big Foot thing didn't cement that, it was already a given, but damn if the Big Foot thing rocked hard! I thank you for thinking I kick ass, too! It's so kick ass!

So are those shirts. Mine would have to say "If I had the balls, I'd wear these in public!"


Personally, I really like the cute little fuckers t-shirt.

living in paris, I relly don't think I could get away with the French ones.... These are so awesome!


Just as enthusiastically as Cartman would say, you are KICKASS!

the weirdgirl

Thank you guys! You all kick-ass.

As for the shirts, I also really liked the "Cute Little Fuckers" one. (It had birdies!) But they also had a necklace on the site (under Accessories) that said "Spank Me".

Spank me.

I might have to work that one into a shirt. (Because yes, I would wear it, but I'm not about to pay $90 for a shirt. I'll just make something similar.)


Thanks for the award. But you should've gave it to someone more deserving.

90 bucks for a t-shirt? I didn't pay $90 combined for the shirt, shorts, boxers, socks, and shoes I'm currently wearing.

I sound like an old man, don't I?

But thanks again for the award!

creative-type dad

You, my friend, do kick some ass (insert guitar solo)

foradifferentkindofgirl (FADKOG)

you work up a 'spank me' shirt and I am so there for one!

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