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BlogHer ’08 and the Twitter Pushers

Here I am cruising confidently into the BlogHer conference thinking, “I was a BlogHer freshman last year, but I’m an old pro at this now.  I know what it’s ALL about!”  Pat pat knowing smirk pat.  (Check for lipstick on the teeth, smooth hair.)

Well, it turns out I didn’t know what it was all about, little naïve me, because everywhere I turned I encountered…

“Do you twitter?  Are you tweeting?  You better twitter that.”

My steps faltered.  “Um… no, I’m not… uh.”

And then, “WHY aren’t you on twitter?!”

I admit, it caught me completely off guard.  Sort of like I had walked into a church youth group meeting to find everyone smoking out.  Sure twitter was the new thing… mysterious, popular, a little edgy… but also a bit decadent.  Maybe even illicit… in a will-be-eventually-banned sort of way.  (And let’s face it, the term “tweets” just sounds dirty.)  Here I was at BlogHer, wandering the halls in search of a fresh cup of tea between sessions on open source and mommy blogging, being pushed into iniquitous web 2.0 services.

“You NEED to get on twitter!  Trust me, you’ll try it and love it.” 

I heard it so many times I started mumbling, “No thanks, I don’t use,” as I nervously scanned the rooms for the sudden appearance of someone’s dad, come to break up the party. 

And then I heard, somewhere along the way, “You can just use the weirdgirl. Well, you know, if your name isn’t already taken…”

Wait, was my name already taken?  I had to go look.  Just a quick look.  Whenever I ran across anyone else using “weirdgirl” on the web, it was usually a preteen in another country or a “naughty” site.  I just wanted to check.  You know, for my reputation.  It’s only one time.

And next thing I know I’m on twitter.   (BlogHer is such a bad influence.  I hear there’s an afterschool special coming out about them soon.)

So… do you twitter?          - wg



Hope you had some fun at BlogHer too. And, yes, I'm on Twitter.


I would suppose you already know I'm on Twitter since we're following each other.

Just curious... Why did they say you NEED to be on Twitter? I'm still trying to figure out why I'm on Twitter.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Oh, how I love you!! I felt exactly this same way and guess what? The twitter pushers got me, too. Now I can waste time a new way and probably never post to my blog again.

I am sorry I didn't get to give you a big hug goodbye either!!


Before I caved and took a big hit off the Twitter bong, I had SO MANY PEOPLE asking me if I Twittered, telling me I had to. I just HAD to. It was to the point I thought I was the nerd girl staying behind class to work out extra math homework with the teacher while the cool kids made out during open lunch. So yeah, I'm a big old caver, but I'm totally glad you looked for me to follow each other!

But, like Chag, I'm still curious to know why it's a big old flashing NEED!

the weirdgirl

VegasDad - Cool! Twit you soon! Wait... tweet you soon? I'm still learning the lingo.

Chag - I never did hear an actual reason! But everyone was insistent. Their large pupils stared at me quite earnestly.

Lori - Don't worry... WE won't get addicted! We can quit any time we want to.

FADKOG - Yeah, I'm still not feeling the NEED either. I think nowadays if you stay behind to do math homework, you're the true rebel. All those other kids have widgets to do that shit.


Nope, I barely have time for regular blogging, Facebook status updates, and Flickr. Add Twitter into it and I think the navel-gazing goes just a bit too far.

I don't ever send or receive text messages either, though, so you probably shouldn't go by what I'm doing. ;)


I twitter, it's kinda fun for little stuff not blog worthy I guess.


I've seen other bloggers talk about tweeting and following and being followed, usually in a post after a breaking from blogging. The excited talk makes me curious, but I'm still resisting.


Yeah, I got sucked in a couple weeks ago. It's addictive and I don't know why!


Hey, I'm following you now! Makes me sound like a creep. I'm not. Really. Just ask Crouton Boy. I see the addiction to Twitter, but because technology and I don't mix, I'm incapable of fulfilling the addiction.


Yes, I tweet. I follow hardly anyone tho, and keep it to people I actually know already (online friends and real-life ones). I check daily to rid myself of Spam Tweeters who want to add me to their list. Not gonna happen, spammers! I'm going to find and follow you, OK? See you there!


Can't figure out which Weirdgirl on Twitter is you. :-(

the weirdgirl

Hannah - so far I've resisted Facebook and Flickr. But I did finally join LinkedIn so I got that going. (And that's plenty.)

Kim - I do like the randomness of it; it covers all those quickie thoughts.

Jeanne - It's kind of like an IM/blogging combo, but very short. You know who would like this? Chris. It's right up her alley.

Andrea - I'm not addicted yet, but I do like having a place to aim the brain farts!

ilinap - And you just keep staying strong, girl!

KC - Please share your knowledge of the Spam Tweeters! I'll probably get sucked into following them because I don't know what I'm doing yet!

Redneck Mommy

I'm on twitter...but I rarely use it. I'm not finding the point of it. Gah.

Anyways....I can't believe I didn't meet you? Or did I in a fit of drunken stupidity?

Cuz, damn it. I wanted to meet you.


yep, I'm, wait for it, jodifur

All Rileyed Up

Sweet! I recently joined Twitter too. Now I'm following you!

the weirdgirl

Redneck Mommy - I wanted to meet you, too! I missed you and a bunch of people. I think next time I should definitely go to the People's Party. (Instead, I was at a concert. But it still rocked.)

jodifur - we are of like minds!

Riley - SWEET!


I wish I had been more active in Twitter before the conference. All the strangers I saw at BlogHer were on my "following/followers" list. And I never knew who they were. *Sigh*


What concert was more important than the Peoples' Party?! I came to the Peoples' Party, after the bus ride from Palo Alto. it was loud. There no free booze. But it was still fun.


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