I've missed the memes
The Resolution (or maybe an experiment)



I'm good for 14, but now that it's the first day of summer vacation and the neighborhood is teeming with potential hooligans, I should kickstart an aggressive training program.


I can take on 29. I think there must be something very, very wrong with me.


Also, my body could feed 14 hungry cannibals.

I know you were dying to know that.


19 ain't bad. With 32 I will freakin' rule the playground. Buhahahaha.

the weirdgirl

foradifferentkindofgirl - Excellent point... we should all retake this quiz at the end of summer and see how many more kids we've racked up!

Makira - where did you find out how many cannibals you could feed?!?

Evyl - I think you rule all the playgrounds anyway!



Also, I am only 26% likely to eat my friends in a blizzard.

My dead body is worth $3890!

And my body is 56% effective as a human shield.

Just *had* to put a link to a quiz site, didn't you? ;)

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