So harsh it hurts
The Epiphany

On the Good Ship Ninnypop

Stella at Finding Zen sent this to me a few days ago.

Download breastfed_ashley_full_segment.mp3

It reminded her of this post I wrote... but, oh, SO. MUCH. WORSE!  It took me a few days to post this because my head had exploded.  Really, you must listen.  And now... let the wild rumpus start! 

Warning: Mishandling or over-prescribing ninny may result in your children growing up to be munchkins.  It may also cause them to be virgins until they are 25 (...or 26, depending). 

Coming soon the new cookbook, "Pa-ninnys!  The easy way to whip out comfort food"   My favorite is the hot sauce and nipples appetizer.

I see... I see... Ninnypalooza!

Has Paxil, Zoloft, or other antidepressants stopped working for you?  Well now there's Ninny!  An instant pick me up to any stressful situation!  But wait... isn't ninny meant for babies?  Not anymore!  Now Ninny can be used at any age!  Try some today!  (Product is not guaranteed to come with milk.  Side effects may include becoming ostracized or slapped with a molestation suit.  Studies show Ninny is most effective on men and lesbians.)

Ninny... you can't suck just one.

Have at it, folks.            - wg


Motherhood Uncensored

LMAO at "Not MINNY it's NINNY with 2 Ns"

(I have to admit that the voice disguiser doesn't help the situation).


the weirdgirl

I know! Don't ya just picture a full-grown women in a wedding gown - with the flower girl and attendants in the next room getting ready - sucking on her moms' boobs?!


Like I told you in the email. Now that my husband has heard this, he won't stop asking for the damn NINNY.

For christ sakes. This isn't good for our sexual relations.

That voice disguiser - is terrible. Its very - Umpa.


Damn, now I need some Ninny. But younger ninny than this strange chicks mom.


My mouth has dropped open so wide that I fear if there was a Ninny pimp around here at the moment, they'd mistake my aghast nature as one of need and insert accordingly.


Now I'm concerned about my children watching Elf. You know...I'm just a cottonheadedninnymuggins" NINNY!!!! Uh oh!


Years ago, I had a page-a-day calendar--"National Lampoon's True Facts". These were legitimate news stories from legitimate newspapers around the world--there's no way anyone could have made them up!

Anyway, one of them concerned an incident at a zoo. Two female gorillas had recently given birth, but having been born and raised in the zoo, were clueless about breastfeeding.

So the keepers brought a TV into the cage, and played an instructional video for human mothers on breastfeeding. But the female gorillas couldn't see it.

The reason? The massive male gorilla, obviously aroused at the video, was blocking their view!

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