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Rethinking the Role Model

Chance has been on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kick and the more I watch the show the more I realize that there is something really odd going on up in that big-eared house.  Daisy seems to be at the clubhouse quite a bit.  In fact, Mickey just seems to be hanging out with Minnie and Daisy a lot.  Like have you noticed that whenever the gang needs to split up for whatever wacky adventure they’re on Mickey always gets paired with the chicks?  Daisy is always right there batting her eyelashes, wiggling her tail feathers, and being all demanding. 

And, even more telling, Minnie seems to have no problem with it! Minnie_daisy

So you can see where I’m going with this, right?  I think Mickey is getting to use his meeska mooska mousekatool twice as often as he used to.  

But do I think Mickey is a sly philanderer using his fancy, fully-automated home (obvious wealth there) as a way to lure young ladies into his sugar daddy clutches?  No.  I think there’s another cause.

Let’s look at the facts…

Somehow, over the years, Donald has turned from an angry abuser (not the finest catch but some chicks go for that) into a complete idiot.  I mean, he’s gotten really dingy.  You know when toddlers are telling him the answers he’s having problems.

Goofy is… well… Goofy.  Not the most handsome guy around and he obviously can’t afford dental work.  Plus, he spends a lot of time with animals.  (Not that I’m implying any tendencies with that zoo of his.)

Pete is a greedy, money-pinching bastard.  And we all know Daisy is high maintenance. 

So there you go.  The bachelor pool at the old clubhouse is mighty slim.  This is how I figure it went down... Daisy has had a few too many fast-talking, “heart-to-hearts” with Minnie about relationship problems over the years and they finally came up with an “understanding”.  (Because let’s face it, Minnie is a follower.  And she aint as innocent as she pretends, either.)  After that, those coy Disney girls approached Mickey.

And how do you think Mickey reacted?


He’s no idiot.

- wg



Zane watches a lot of that show too. I never paid much attention to it. I certainly will now. Thanks.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Now I feel dirty.

I KNEW I couldn't trust Disney. I just didn't know why.

Until now.


You're sooo Goofy!! I hear Pluto likes to do it doggy style.


A friend of mine was at my house last night and commented on the fact that the front of my embroidery machine has the Disney logo on it. I've had that machine since 2002 and the Disney logo STILL embarrasses me. Now you've given me even more reason to dislike and distrust Disney characters. ;-)


Is this another "I'm trying to feel better about my hangover by watching cartoons"? Or was that someone else?

Here at my day job, the owner of the company brought in episodes of The Office so that we could all play "who's who?" These characters all come from somewhere.


You kill me!

I tagged you with a meme. Go to my blog for instructions!

Black Hockey Jesus

Mickey is a pimp.


Daisy is a skank. You can tell by the way she shakes her tailfeathers.

creative-type dad

Wow- I'll never watch the show the same way again. Ever.


I used to have a little business card, specifically designed for inconsiderate parkers. I threw it away, because I was afraid I'd get caught using it, and end up in a fistfight--or worse--and I regret that to this day! If nothing else, I should have framed it, and put it on my wall!

Anyway, this is how it looked: There was a picture of Mickey flipping the bird! And the card read: "Hi! Thanks for parking so close! Next time remind me to bring a fucking can opener, so I can get in my car! Assholes, like you should take the bus!"

It was funny as hell!

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