Feeling like the crappiest blogger ever

Back from the Dead…

Or bathroom solitary, whichever you’d like to call it. I felt like death warmed over a couple times this week, because can you believe that flu lasted the entire week? Ugh. E_award

OK, so back to work! Shortly before my unfortunate flu affliction (ha ha… alliteration) I was very graciously awarded an Excellent Blog Award by Lisa at Refuse to Blog.  Thank you my dear!  Isn’t it pretty?  The rules are to 1) acknowledge the person who gave you the award through some link love and 2) to pass on Excellent Blog Awards to at least ten bloggers. Without further ado, the excellent bloggers…

All Rileyed Up

All the World’s A Stage

Charlie Blockhead

CroutonBoy – Cheeky’s Hideaway

From Evyl with Love – an old favorite with a new blog

Life, the Universe and Everything

Little Bald Doctors

Kill the Goat – And apologies, Jay, I never did finish that love poem for you. Stuff with the kiddo got in the way.

No Place Like It

Roth Family Adventures

Rude Cactus

It was difficult to choose only ten (because, hello? see blogroll of excellent bloggers on the right), so I went over just a little but compounding the problem is some of my favorite bloggers have moved on completely or have been on hiatus. Phoenix, MIM, Freedom Monkey House, TisDone (wherever you are now) you are missed. Hope to read you soon.

(Honorable mentions - Mom 101, Motherhood Uncensored, Girl’s Gone Child, Cynical Dad, MetroDad – all these folks get beaucoup accolades and awards already but they make me laugh and are still some favorites. (Even though I’ve been an extra-crappy visitor lately.))

I love you all! OK, and now back to the work that pays me. Bleh. At least this got my fingers all nice and warmed up.

                – the weirdgirl

P.S. Do you want to hear something horrible?  While I've been typing I've been watching Idol Gives Back on DVR, which I've been watching in bits and pieces all week. Anyway, I'm pretty much watching the performances and using it as background noise and avoiding ALL segments about the undeveloped countries.  I totally support the cause, and I do give to charity, but sometimes I'm just not emotionally able to watch starving children.  However, starring in stunned surprise at Teri Hatcher's singing and muttering insults under my breath at the celebrities' stupid jokes is OK.  I'm so lame.

P.P.S.  Annie Lennox rocks.



Did you get the impression that Simon didn't think Robin Williams was at all funny?

Thanks for the award!


Glad you're finally feeling better! And thanks for the mention.


Welcome back to the world of the living! That flu went around here a few weeks ago and it's brutal.

And yes, Annie Lennox is amazing.


Welcome back. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

Congrats on your Excellent Blog award. It's very well deserved. Also, thank you so much for bestowing our blog with the honor as well. I'm very, very appreciative.


Wow, thank you woman! I'm glad you're feeling better, and I'll be off to spread around some bling!

Bill Beck

Thanks for the award!! I'm working on my list and should have it up by the end of the week.


You are never a crappy visitor!

No pun intended. You know, with the crap thing. Hope you're feeling better.


Aw shucks...that's so sweet of you! I'm not worthy! Glad you're no longer a slave to the bathroom gods...

the weirdgirl

Well, thank you all for the un-crappy wishes!


You are far too kind to vote me as Excellent. BTW, I have been trying to give to charity but so far it isn't going well.

Chris Cactus

Why, thank you kindly!


Thank you! You're awesome! It seems that more and more of the folks on my blog list are disappearing or just not posting very often, so the Award gift is much appreciated. At least I know someone is out there reading me!


you know, I was just cruising around and saw someone post one of these awards elsewhere and I thought, "hey, didn't I get one of those and completely forget about it before I ever managed to acknowledge and thank the person that gave it to me?"

uh yeah. Oops. Thanks. You know I love you too.

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